The results of beautiful white paper flower portraits in the morning

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This morning it looks so bright. The history of this white paper decorative flower in very sunny weather. I am interested in taking some pictures of white paper flowers to make a post in this large community. I see this flower separately but it has a unique beauty compared to flowers. -Other flowers are small flowers both in terms of leaves and flowers that are produced, they look so tiny and adorable.
It looks small but has very strong endurance even though sometimes we forget to water it. However, this flower is not a crybaby, it is no longer easy, it remains strong and the day sees it all because I am the owner of this beautiful flower. The flower that I have cared for for a long time today is the material for me to make another post here. I hope that these beautiful pictures can entertain my friends both in terms of their views and the writing I have formulated.
This flower looks pure white so that's why I'm interested in taking some pictures with my Samsung A20s smartphone camera so that some beautiful results come out and you can see for yourself in this post.
Here are some pictures, yes, I will soon share the writings in the photography community, where the community always talks about the beauty of natural beauty and this is one of the natural beauties, namely beautiful paper flowers. Greetings to photographer friends. Today we also feel happy. Congratulations I pray that my friends will always be healthy.

CameraSamsung A20 S
Taken By@jepkupi
LocationLhokseumawe, Aceh
WA Business+62 8527 0383 497

Best Regards, @jepkupi