Papaya fruit is fertile

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The papaya plant itself is actually a plant that is easy to grow without complicated care, but for maximum results there are steps that must be followed.

The following is how to plant papaya so that it is not male and produces sweet fruit based on the book Papaya Planting by Moech. Baga Kalie.
In general, there are 6 stages in how to plant papaya so that it is not male and can produce sweet fruit, namely:

. Land processing

Several things that need to be considered about land processing are that papaya is better planted on beds with loose soil. In general, the distance between planting holes is between 2.5-3 m so that the fruit can grow optimally.

. How to plant

It is divided into three parts which will be discussed further, namely planting time, how to plant, and selecting the perfect tree.

. Fertilization

Papaya plants need to be fertilized according to the recommended rules depending on the type, age, land and climate.

. Calcification

Papaya plants need to grow in land with a neutral pH. Therefore, it is necessary to liming land that has a high or low pH.

It is necessary to check the land and its acidity level before applying lime so that it suits the texture and organic content of the land.

. Perlindungan tanaman

Tahap ini termasuk di dalamnya pemberian obat hama bagi pohon pepaya tergantung pada jenisnya.

. Perawatan lain

Termasuk di dalamnya pemangkasan pohon pepaya dan pembersihan dari gulma atau rumput liar.