Under The Bridge

in Photography10 months ago

Under the bridge - Lavi Picu.png

It has been a while since I have touched my camera and took any photos. Maybe too long! Like most of the people I know, I usually rely on my smartphone to immortalize any fun, interesting or grand moments. The little me time I have left doesn't allow longer periods of time nor the strength to go around the city carrying my camera or the lenses.

Must be at least seven or eight years since I spent an entire day, just me on a date with my camera. Painting or drawing seemed more appealing at the moment, so photography had to take a back seat. It wasn't until a few days ago, when I took the above photo with my phone, that I realized how much I have missed taking photos.

It was taken somewhere last week, when the Montreal was covered in smog to the forest fires. It seemed so strange to be outside at the time and to see the city's skyline all blurry, covered in smog and fog. That's when I wished I had my camera with me!