DDATE to be moved from steem to hive, already listed on Telos via telos.alcor.exchange

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@ddate market is live on @alcorexchange by @avral from Golos (also hes done work on eos wax & telos)



DDATE needs just a lil bit of funding a few thousand here a few thousand there, to pay some discord bot developers to get something started to show off to investors that uses the coming hive-engine @ddate $DATE token - telos DATE pegged to it (now pegged to steem engine date) and this hive community ... and edenos + tipit.io on eos allows ddate to have web of trust digital IDs for safety and reputation ranking etc

Real sales of DDATE on Ethereum and BSC $PDATE or just $DATE will happen after we have a more developed bot and or tipit based dating smart contract built into the ddatemintone and ddateontelos telos smart contract you can look up on telos EOSX block explorer

As Hive integrates Telos we will take advantage of the telos reward pool (Telos Decide aka telos worker proposal system ) and @ddate will hire hive users and developers paid in telos to develop ddate to use this very ddate hivemind community, the $DATE hive engine token, and telos smart contracts + tipit and edenos for id verification and a decentralized or DISCORD dating DDATE experience.