Plan for DDATE 1. Move TLOS ddatemintone pegged token from steem to hive engine 2. Create ai chatbot telegram/discord bot with tipitbot and $date command with matchmaking ai triggered by 1 $DATE token transfer!

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Ai can make a ddate tipitbot matchmaking bot with custom tipit commands exciting and worth buying date tokens for but you'll get to earn tlos to buy them or earn them via tips and upvotes discussing ai telos dating on ddate hive and telos community fir nee telos 7 day mini proposals reformatted for social mediaposts with no pdf document upload or fee or maybe there will be a 0.0001 TLOS fee to avoid spam unless you have like 1 to 10 TLOS staked to make near unlimited posts a day basically based on your actual telos cpu net and ram "social stake" or "telospower" lol

Contract: ddateontelos ddatemintone

I really hope one day @someguy123 can just finish helping me move my last steemengine token of important with an eosio peg, ddate, from steem to hive like they did for sand kanda and infowars

@eonwarped @someguy123 and @cryptomancer may need to just coordinate but i need these pegs to keeo working after steem engine shuts down and i really woukd like at least ddate moved

I did pay a lot for thousandcoin and eosass as well to be moved and they each have eos pegs too and i really wish they could be moved to hive as well

Anyway for regular users,
To get rid of steem-engine @ddate $date tokens and get TLOS $DATE send DATE to


with memo

TELOSDATE yourtelosaccount

Ask steem-engine tech support if you have an issue BUT i just checked and i think after testing ddate does work fine

Ill have to double check

I know eos ass isnt working or im not using it right

I forgot if @onethousandtoken @onethousandcoin is working or not