REAL rumoreos disguised as JOKES That ELon Musk will buy TINDR, completing my EOS Telos DDATE decentralized dating protocal network idea.

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@markstair reemmber my grand plan for integrating OKCUPID onto tipit, using twitter with @ddateco and using the tipitbot for a massive decentralized date rate system?

Oh it's so much deeper... there is a connection to okcupid the dating app which grimezsz decentralized community seems to be planning with the telos and hive blockchains to distribute a lot of money in the hive paid upvotes and up to $3M in telos proposals

Wtf is you ask and what the hell does it have to do with grimes? Goofle image search "grimes telos"

Well Grimes has an account on which moved to telos shortly after I joined telos....and grimes newlife account has what I believe is exclusive art...

So her fans will one day use her discord metaverse AND private "sateoite metaverses" like crypto aquariuxes...and get a private show of her influences so her inner circle understands esoteric secret meanings...but this is as she makes the rest of the world follow her coded exoteric messages to hide the Grimes epic ...

So as fans experience a form of hah decentralized mkultra style hivemind cryptophasia... they will be fed data and educated in New skills and give airdrops and items and UBI via existing models that work like steemit and all works....its her radical crypto gaming ubi

Oh and doja cat...her friend... seems to be heavily involved in the background shadows of and maybe zeptagram creating a decentralized music label that uses nfts and tokens snd Royalty contracts with and which already has nfts from deadmau5 and Weezer etc big names and so a more mass producable grimes nft will be so precious to people even if there's 100 1000 even 10,000 each I would collect every one she released ... together the animated GIFs or MP4s can be scenes on atomichub played like a music video and grimss get a cut of the royalties from the market trading fee on atomichub. .. and she can give every grimes media empire decentralized musical nft concert album holder... a share of the actual YouTube revenue from New videos for songs and remixes.. and she can also just let her fans upload it... she fimds loophole in record company copyright.... she just makes no money herself BUT allows her fans who happen to upload remix and curate her content get paid and part of that goes back rmto her fans like ubi via curation ... and just builds a secret darknet empire of luxury around herself by leaking more grimes content or blockchain social media users

She can allow decentralized dapps like hive and telos run amuck and make darknet crypto funded music videos.. forget single nfts for images... imagine an nft with one cover image teaser for a grimes idea and you invest in it ... and you get to see the final video you helped fund with I dunno a maximum of $10 or $20 heck some maybe bump to $100 for some nfts but just 20 max per person ...each buying an nft ... average music video costs I dunno few hundred thousand dollars maybe ? And ethical ads for cool shit and fashion etc the advertisers pay into the reward pool.. and So just 10 thousand grimes fans buying 1 nft a month for $10 each is literally enough for 12 $1million dollar grimes music videos a year... ad revenue for mediaempire dclick style decentralized Adsense pays royalties in telos and wax back to cover art nfts or sets for each music video to crowd fund them.... I'd buy one every month for $10 and collect them like nft pandora bracelet charms

Tldr: grimes and dojacat and snoopdogg are building their own decentralized music label and talent agency that uses blockchain versions of reddit like steemit / and this fulfills the grimes radical art gaming ubi

And okcupid dating integration to DDATE was part of this plan as is the cryptogirlgang $GIRLPower delegated proof of stake proof of female brain social network ... its a massive airdrop to women and mothers with ubi gaming and game and dapp development..... the hidden symbols reveal this to me everytime I watch her videos... I mean what is half axa? 2010? I was into project Camelot then and she has the character masked with grey alien necklace ... I did ufo skywatch nightvision meetups showing people ufos with goggles lol

Xae a 12? Ackza a 12? Ecka veca axis on the ashayana deane voyager 1 and 2 books stargate maps of the god worlds