new DDATE hive logo!

in DDATElast year

I think it looks muuuch better now

so now we have HIVE DDATE logo

Telos DDATE logo


and XDATE proton ddate logo


the Hive one is my favorite I think!

it will work well with dating profile drop zone and dating discord


@ratzen is working on a very simple hive /telos/proton bot starting with hive that shows the posts made in the comunity with memo spie scanning so we scan for any comments or posts made, or even scan for any txs made with @ddate $DATE token memos, that have our foamt of SWIPE YES or SWIPE NO written in them, and any two users who send each otehr DDATE with a YES in the memo, gets posted as a potential celebrated public match in @ddate community and or the discord

And dont worry lol i have those domains on auto renew on godaddy so we wont run out of the domain contract like we did for ddate.dco but and are MUCH better domains anyway!