Hive Music Festival Week 71 Round 2"Testimony"(Cover)

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Hive Music Festival Week 71 Round 2"Testimony"(Cover)



Hello everyone, I welcome you all to my blog and this is Hive Music Festival Week 71 Round 2. I want to use this medium to wish all my musical friends in this space a happy and fruitful weekend to you all.

For week 71 Round 2 of this noble event of Hive Music Festival, I present to us a cover of "Testimony" by "The gratitude Coza" a group of gospel singers known for excellence and high spiritual standards. This song "Testimony" by The gratitude is a song of Faith that encourages us to look at the positive sides of life and be grateful to God the creator of Life. Testimony is an act of speaking forth the mercies and love of God and what He has done for us to people around us and worldwide.

Testimonies time are always a blessing time because it engaged us in constant praise to God for the good things He has done. When we praise and adore God for the little benefits we get from Him, we are indirectly telling God to bless us more because He feels acknowledged by our praises and tends to bless us more.

In this particular song by The gratitude, we are encourage to fix our eyes more on the promises and blessings of God rather than focusing on our numerous daily problems. Since I was born, I've realized that problems never finishes instead new problems arises every now and then in human lives. It's important to take a break from the too many requests we tender onto God and tell Him how much we are grateful for the ones He has done. It's not easy to neglect problems and be happy but we could be adding more problems to ourselves by overthinking about the troubles of life.

I have searched around and despite all predicaments I'm passing through, I can clearly see the wonders work of God in my life and I'm here to show forth my gratitude to the giver of Life. I hope you guys vibe to my entry, thank you 🙌🙌

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Hola a todos, les doy la bienvenida a todos a mi blog y esta es la Semana 71 del Hive Music Festival, Ronda 2. Quiero usar este medio para desearles a todos mis amigos musicales en este espacio un feliz y fructífero fin de semana.

Para la semana 71 Ronda 2 de este noble evento de Hive Music Festival, nos presento un cover de "Testimonio" de "La Gratitud Coza" un grupo de cantantes de gospel conocidos por su excelencia y altos estándares espirituales. Esta canción "Testimonio" de La Gratitud es un canto de Fe que nos anima a mirar los lados positivos de la vida y ser agradecidos con Dios creador de la Vida. El testimonio es un acto de hablar de las misericordias y el amor de Dios y lo que Él ha hecho por nosotros a las personas que nos rodean y en todo el mundo.

El tiempo de testimonios es siempre un tiempo de bendición porque nos involucra en constante alabanza a Dios por las cosas buenas que ha hecho. Cuando alabamos y adoramos a Dios por los pequeños beneficios que obtenemos de Él, indirectamente le estamos diciendo a Dios que nos bendiga más porque Él se siente reconocido por nuestras alabanzas y tiende a bendecirnos más.

En esta canción particular de La Gratitud, se nos anima a fijar nuestros ojos más en las promesas y bendiciones de Dios en lugar de centrarnos en nuestros numerosos problemas diarios. Desde que nací, me he dado cuenta de que los problemas nunca terminan, sino que de vez en cuando surgen nuevos problemas en la vida humana. Es importante tomar un descanso de las demasiadas peticiones que le hacemos a Dios y decirle cuánto estamos agradecidos por las que Él ha hecho. No es fácil descuidar los problemas y ser feliz, pero podríamos estar añadiendo más problemas a nosotros mismos si pensamos demasiado en los problemas de la vida.

He buscado a mi alrededor y a pesar de todas las dificultades por las que estoy pasando, puedo ver claramente las maravillas que Dios obra en mi vida y estoy aquí para mostrar mi gratitud al dador de la Vida. Espero que les guste mi entrada, gracias 🙌🙌.

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Nice presentation.
Balancing our prayers with expressions of gratitude can bring a sense of peace and perspective to our lives.

Yeah.. very true
Thank you for coming around and listening to my entry

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Your presentation is dope.
Bravo 🌹❣️👏🏾

Thanks allot Broo
I appreciate your kind presence

It is quite rejoicing to hear from you brother. A special greeting, I have loved everything you have done. And yes, the reason to be happy and at peace is to realize all the times that God has worked in us and will continue to do so. 🥰😎🔥

it feels so good to have your presence dear brother @nazatpt
Thank you for taking out time to visit my post 🙏🙏

My brother! What a pleasure to hear from you.... Excellent entry you have made my dear friend! God continue to bless you brother ♥

God continue to bless you too brother and your family.
Thank you for for your kind presence 🙏🙏

Testimony everywhere, we thank God for giving us testimonies, God has been so good to us.
I enjoyed listening to your guitar and sweet voice boss man.

Thanks boss man...
I so much appreciate your kind visit sir 🙏🙌

Your presentation go so well bro.

Indeed Testimonies triggers God to do more and more to us. I woke up today and the first thing that comes to mind is thank you Jesus as if it was not normal thing to me to sleep and wake up. Today own was different bro, I was filled with joy and the next thing I started testifying is the mercies of God over my Life. Tears of Joy were just flowing because I am alive. Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece dude. From glory to glory I pray.

Big man, I see that you are really getting better in this your journey of guitar small time nah we go dey rush you! Great work with your cover and generally your work on Hive!

Hermosa canción, bella interpretación. Dios te ha dotado de una voz muy grata de escuchar. Gracias por compartir. Mil bendiciones.

Beautiful song, beautiful performance. God has gifted you with a voice that is very pleasant to listen to. Thanks for sharing. A thousand blessings.

Amazing performance my friend, you way to play the guitar is absolutly awesome, congratulations and a big hug 😊🎶🎵