Hive Music Festival Week 54 - Round 3 (RoryKL | Dos Oruguitas)

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I guess I unconsciously chose to make "experimental” the running theme for these three rounds.
Today I am doing Dos Oruguitas, by Lin-Manuel Miranda...en Español. This is super
experimental, particularly because I am not fluent in Spanish. I can read/pronounce characters,
but I don't often know what the words I’m saying actually mean.
I’ve been trying to learn Spanish for decades now, but my progress has been extremely slow.
One method I’ve been using to better my pronunciation/comprehension is listening to music in
Spanish, and attempting to learn to sing along and understand the words – but site-reading in a
new language is a far greater challenge than doing so in one’s native I must give
much props to all the great artists on Hive who are singing songs in a second language – you
have my admiration!
I chose this song, honestly because I wanted to stick with the theme of trying new and
challenging things, but also of course because I think this is such a beautiful song. Although I
don’t know a lot of the words in Spanish, I actually printed the chords out with Spanish and
English. Mostly I did this in case I got stuck and needed to switch over to English to finish the
song, but as it turned out, this was a great way for me to learn a lot of new words.
I appreciate so much all the kind words and support that I’ve gotten from the Music Zone
community here on Hive – this truly is a place like no other. I will be taking a break next cycle,
taking some time off from recording/posting in general, in order to clear my mind and try to
keep things fresh – but never the less I will be looking forward to seeing the great music put
forth by all the other awesome and talented participants here in the Hive Music Festival, and
also to coming back to jam some more in the future!

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Beautiful song and excellent performance bro. My son loves this song and the movie too. Regards

Thanks brother! LOL - my girls love it too :)

Vaiiia esta es una canción con un mensaje poderoso! Y cantaste magistralmente, te esforzaste y quedó perfecta la canción jajaja ☀️ oh Dios, ayúdame a ser como esa oruga mariposa 🌬️

Your singing is one of the wonders we found all over Hive. Once again you amaze again not only the jury, but the whole audience that listens and appreciates you. good job! Your post was reviewed by us and received a positive vote from the Music Zone community on Hive. Join us on our server Discord!

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Thank you!!!