Project Promotional Cards for Free Accounts!

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The @NaturalMedicine project has recently put together promotional cards for free accounts. These cards feature a QR code which directs users to where they can easily browse the website's contents, as well as a short description of the project and a contact email for users to receive a free account to start posting on the blockchain to avoid having to pay for an account or wait extended periods for their account's approval.

promo card.jpg

The free accounts will be emailed a PDF copy of their keys and @NaturalMedicine will immediately delete all records. The email comes with a detailed message of how to reset your keys and save them for yourself so that your level of security is maximized. @NaturalMedicine will also gift a small amount of LOTUS coin to each new user who signs up via this method.

I have personally purchased 1000 of these business cards in order to give them out to any NM users who would like a handful to give away to people they might know or to leave in shops and such. If you are interested, please contact me via Discord in the Natural Medicine Discord Server where you can easily send me a DM via my Discord handle (@alchemage#4235).

Join me in today's video where I talk more in depth about these cards.

lotus for scientists.gif



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This is quite cool my friend. Most importantly... sending positive energy and focus your way...

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Thank you very much. @riverflows designed them:) Let me know if you would like me to send some your way.

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I've sent you a message brother... appreciate your support and kindness!

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Hey bud, hope everything is going fine! I've been busy studying so I haven't had that much time to socialize, I haven't even checked out naturalmedicine(will check it out after posting this)...This is a really really good idea, business cards are still around for a reason, they are very effective in mass marketing, I wonder if the other tribes will take notice and start doing the same thing!

@khaleelkazi maybe SteemLeo could do something similar?

 3 years ago  

Heya:) I’m hanging in there. Just finished my first term as an undergrad at med school with another 4.0, so that’s nice. So likewise I’ve been very unsociable as well. Let us know what you think about the project and if you have any suggestions or questions:) I hope everything is going well with you too, @teutonium!

We got this idea from the weedcash community, so hopefully it catches on because you’re right about it being a good marketing strategy.

Way to go beibg innovators! Hopfully every tribe follows. Ill talk to richard about maybe doing this for weedcash.

 3 years ago  

Richard already did them for weedcash, that's where we got the idea from lol

Ha! I think i burnt it out of my memory at the canna steem fest, 😂


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I have to say, I really adore your banner!!! It's super cute, even if I do say so yourself!

Awesome idea! Promotion seems to be the theme going around right now. Be the beacon. I will let you know if I need some cards, could probably use a few to take to AZ next month. Resteemed.

 3 years ago  

Good to hear from you again and I'm glad you are pulling out of the depression and other stresses in your life!
School breaks really help ! I just started my 2 week break and it really lightens things up to have that break from working!