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RE: Rescue. Bach Flower Remedy for Emergencies - Rescate. Remedio Floral de Bach para las Emergencias.

My dear @corinasskills let me clarify something for you. The Rescue is the Essence used in the Bach Floral Medicine System to deal with emotional and often physical emergencies, but also the same system of floral medicine there are other specific flower essences to help with other emotions such as stress, anxiety , depression, fear etc ... but this could let you know a therapist in this system. On the other hand, some people think that the Rescue produces sleep, which is not true at all, because this essence only gives you the virtue of balancing and harmonizing your Emotional and Mental body, generating peace and tranquility to face daily living in a way harmonious and serene. But its action does not produce sleep, but if there is an appropriate and specific formula for sleep disorders and it is not the Rescue, what happens is the following; When a person is stressed, anxious or nervous, it is very likely that they will have problems sleeping, so when those emotions are balanced by the rescue essence it is very certain that the person will be more relaxed and harmonious and will also be able to improve their sleep hours.

Furthermore, every person should have a Rescue bottle at home for those emergencies that occur unexpectedly. Also like any natural remedy, flower essences do not create habit, nor do they have any contraindication.
On the other hand, I thank you very much for reading my post and commenting on me, I apologize to you for replying so late. Nice to meet you.


@benavides54 appreciate your extensive answer, thank you. I will look for it to have it around. Also very nice to meet you.