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Shades of brown, deep red, and vibrant orange colors decorate the landscape around me. The clouds have made a permanent canopy over the trees. But before the rain really started to pour I was able to collect the bounties of fall. Hawthorn berries, chestnuts, yarrow, and my favorite smokable herb.

As the days turn shorter and the weather cooler I am feeling the urge to prepare for the winter to come. During summer my focus was on the outside world, sharing my herbal products with friends and providing dried herbs for a local shop. But now, I am feeling the call to focus on the health of my household and of myself instead.

To be honest it is quite a relief to do so! With all the projects we have going on and my upcoming trip to plan for letting go of the sales aspect of my herbalism for a while leaves room for everything that must get done on the homestead before June and July when the true cold weather hits.

Staying close to my home base, returning to my roots as a human and as an herbalist, and to simply let feeling cosy be a priority these days are exactly the messages sent to me by one of my most precious harvests.

Like so many herbalists out there cannabis was the herb that opened the door of the world of healing with plants. I first met this herb at about thirteen or fourteen years old and sixteen years later am still very grateful for the healing I have recieved.

Yet, even so, I have never felt called to grow cannabis on any larger a scale than this basket you see here. This herb is just for us. On a cold night sitting by the fireplace or on an afternoon after a day of work on the land, this herb in the appropriate dose has so much power both spiritually and physically.


Nice looking flowers! BTW we got our very own community dedicated to this plant, which is also our most favorite smokable herb as well, ;)

I just went to check out the community! Thanks for letting me know about it.

I love your beautiful presence here dearest @calendulacraft - it is wonderful hearing about your seasonal changes, the colours, smells, natural powers of transformation... so glad to know you! 🌞👑🪷😍

aww! thank you for the kind comment, as usual!! I think the best part of sharing here is the kind feedback I recieve, thanks so much!!

I was shocked when I got to know the healing benefits of cannabis
It’s really sad that over here, people use it for other unnecessary reasons.

Your pictures are always beautiful 🥰

nice :D what are you planning to do in winter when it's cold and no plants are growing?
spring is just starting here and everything is sprouting :)

Happy Spring to you! I am a bit sad that the cold weather is coming so soon but, I have a trip planned to visit the Northern hemisphere to get a bit of spring time before winter really sets in here. And after that I suppose I will just get into knitting, baking, and reading by the the fireplace in my free time.

oh i was really happy that there was a little break from herbs in the winter and i was able to focus on something else :) but i'm even happier that i can now focus on herbs again.

i look forward to you posting some knitting tutorials. i tried that this winter too and was only just at the basics.