Cannabis cultive: how to difference males from female plants.

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Even if you are not a cannabis grower (not that I am one), you might have heard about the importance of having only female plants. I had to do a little research about it and found out that the reason is very simple: the male plants produce the pollen sacks, which will turn all the precious and wanted flowers into seeds, and that's not good, because it is in the flowers that contain the concentrated levels of all cannabinoids, the psychoactive and the others extracted to make oils and other medicine.


If you begin to grow like me from seeds that you find here and there, you will not be completely sue if your plant is a male or a female, so you just have to do the best job you can making the plant have all the right conditions to get to the flowering phase, and then it is on this very stage that you will have to identify if your plant is a male or a female. Of course if you plant with seeds that you have bought, most of the seed sellers out there work with standards to "feminize" seeds, which makes almost all plants automatically females.

My plants are begining the flowering phase, and I got to identify a male plant. It is sad because actually in every article or blog you read out there, they tell you to immediately cut out the plant to avoid the pollen sacks to develop and ruin your female plants by fecundate the flowers, which will give you a lot of seeds and 0 flowers.




I have a connection with my plants, and I didn't want to cut out the male, and just throw it like that. So I cut it, yes, but instead I left it to dry, for weeks, because I saw a video on YouTube about the many good properties of drinking cannabis tea. Even they said that if it is fresh, you can blend it to make juice with fruits, which give your body some of the cannabinoids that have so many good benefits in our health.


And here you can see what it is clearly a female plant, and instead of those small green balls male cannabis has, you can see like "white yellowish hairs" around some bulb-like structure, which will develop entirely in a flower, the center focus where the psychoactive cannabinoids are in higher levels, which is the interesting part worldwide, you can deduce why.


Male cannabis plants have cannabinoids, but as the levels of the psychoactive ones are not that high, this plant is easily discarded as useless and not commercial.

So if you are cultivating for the first time, and you find a male plant, do not just cut it down and throw it like you might read on the internet. You can make a good infusion out of it, that's what I'm planning to make, or a nice green smoothie.

Fun to share with you all, regards. Keep being safe and sound.



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Very interesting, I had no idea of this difference of female or male in this plant and still wish to have one. Some time ago I asked a friend for seeds, he asked me if I wanted to plant for consumption or ornament. Surprised I said ''what? of course it's for consumption, you're crazy'' hahahaha and well I assumed it's about the sex of the plant. I don't know.

The information you are giving is important for inexperienced people like me, so it is a pleasure to have you with us, wonderful job my friend. Blessings!


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Thank you very much! I guess what your friend meant is that it is very important to make a little research about this plant if you wish to obtain any results, and is not easy at all, I am coming to realize as I'm doing it, because is my first time. Is nice to get your Kind feedback, hope you continue to be ok!

I really love your out take on this subject! You may not have grown a cannabis plant to your desire yet, but with your attitude, and diligent work, you are going to do just fine!

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I liked your comment very much, thank you, for your kind words.

Interesting, I'm not a cannabis grower but I'm a bit curious, with your publication I learned a lot and maybe I'll do some more research. Thx!

Thank you, It sounds great, there's plenty of information out there, and is a healthy habit to grow any plant. Keep it up 👍

It's not always the case, but the space between each nodes, can also be a good indication of the sex, even before sexing (before maturity).
I large space between each nodes, you got a lot of chances that it will be a male.
Also, you can make cannabutter with the males!

Oh wow, thank you Sr. For adding new information unknown by me yet. I still have a lot to learn about cannabis. Cheers!

MY pleasure brother!

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