Very nice to have a run down of all the meanings. I have oracle cards but haven't used them much recently 💯🐒

Thank you for saying so. These are my interpretations, which don't necessarily match with the standard meanings, but hopefully I am bringing something new to the table. I haven't really got into Oracle cards. Not yet anyway. 😀

It's all our own interpretations. Yes got some animal druid ones kinda nice i feel 💯🐒

What a great deck! I may need to look for these and add these to my collection. Every time I see a new deck I have to order it. This is getting out of control :)

Hahaha. I know that feeling! My Amazon wish list is long but I am showing constraint by telling myself I don't need 50 decks.

You can see a full flip through of it here.

Just watched the flip through. The artwork of that deck is absolutely breath taking.

I need to tell myself the same thing. I've worked with Rider Waite decks for a long time. I've just been looking for the perfect deck that resonates with me. Currently my favorite deck is the Ellen Dugan - Witches Tarot. I tend to bounce between that deck and my Rider Waite decks.