Keep me still

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Keep me still

- - photos and poetry - -
 - - - by @d-pend - - - 






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Keep me still

There's a bower full of sleep
and peace, and restful things—
a grove that grows so wild, deep
where ev'ry hour sings
in bluest rill—
and it will keep me:
it will keep me still,
and it will keep me still.

Here's an hour full of bliss
and calm, and loving's swell—
enchanted glade — what space is this?
and when was it I fell
into you—
and you hold me still,
you ensoul me well;
now will you mold me, fill me,
now enfold me, keep me, still—
and you will keep me still.

Where's a flower ever-ope
who shows a shining face—
of love and faith, of grace and hope
and where's its wat'ring place?

Here — in my bower full of sleep,
does it shine — does it steep
in that grove so wild, deep
does it feed — does it draw;
stream so mild — from the fount,
from the holy mother's maw
does it drink — now recount
all the histories e'er-saw
with the eyes — of sweet youth,
all the memories, the flaw
of that saddest beauty — truth,
sorrow come -- sorrow go,
a fleeting mome, and now I know
where the roots of all things grow:
grows the flow'r -- bud of love,
here below as there, above
stretch the hour, make me full;
honeyed nectar, gently mull
bluest rill -- full of sleep,
and the joy that all things keep
evergreen --
may it keep us still,
may it hold us well.
And may it ever fill
and enwhole-- may it ever-swell:
May it keep our will
and besoul-- and endeep our shell,
may it stay until
time no longer holds a wand'ring sway.

From now until that day
it will keep me,
It will keep me still,
and it will keep me, still.

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This post is original writing and images by Daniel Pendergraft
created to be published on HIVE on May 12th, 2020.





Great Pictures 👌

The healing power of stillness.

I particularly liked the serenity of your second-last image - it spoke to my tired heart tonight.

@porters here on behalf of @NaturalMedicine – Beautiful! both the pictures and your poem! I could feel that deep stillness upon reading your word - a wonderful place to be - thanks for sharing!


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Mans the photos are very lovely.
Nature is truly beautiful and your words - boy oh my!

I was reading your poem
checking your photos
it keep me still...

Peace @d-pend and thanks to the restful bower we all know it is time to be still.

I like the photos very much. you use the light very well. and words are as successful as photographs. congratulations my dear friend

Really beautiful all the way around. Thanks for sharing

Beautiful plays of light in each photo! Lovely post!