The sun burns again

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The sun burns again
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| poetry and photos |
|    by @d-pend    |
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The sun burns again


Somewhere up there, cumulonimbus sails billow
edges fraught with light, caught through with the sun's warm gold.
Here on earth, my thoughts anchor through my cold pillow
to plunge their lotus-roots into mud, past dank mold
and all the humid exhalations of faeries.

Grey has turned the world apathetic and wary,
lest some wayward joy should intrude upon trag'dy
and splash fervid color on gloom with the vi'lence
of childish innocence — childlike rad'iance
threatens the sombre, adult rainy day.


Rays peak through,
And seek to make new
Every leaf, every edge;
Every corner of green —
Every stick, every stone;
Every stage, every scene.

For the screen to play out,
For the actors to stir,
For the air to fill fair
With sweet hope — and harsh doubt
Does the sun burn again
O'er cities of men.

a 2.jpeg



i 2.jpeg

This post is original poetry and photography
by Daniel Pendergraft
created to be published on HIVE on June 1, 2020.





I always enjoy reading your poetry. I wonder where do you get the inspiration daily.

all the humid exhalations of faeries.

Is that why it's so sticky around here!! Phew, it's hot. Bloody faeries breathing out!

You remind me of the woods this morning, and the heat and sun burning through my anger at a terrible altercation on the road where a guy was an utter twat to me and I nearly called him 'sir', but didn't, and retreated to the faerie woods, and held my heart like a child, and waited, and waited, for the light to come back in.

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Love finding this piece of art in my feed today:) Awesome, Daniel:)

Manually curated by ackhoo from the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thanks very much @qurator and @ackhoo for the support <3

You're most welcome! :)