The buds are starting to fill in


These are going to be massive


So with dogs, when they are puppies, you can tell how big they are going to get by looking at their paws. I am hoping that the same rings true for these cannabis plants because we are just starting to flower and some of these buds are starting to get some decent size already.


They are already getting super frosty and I can't wait to see how they look in about 6 weeks from now. The breeders of this quad grape strain said they were able to harvest about 2 pounds of flower from four plants. So I am expecting the biggest harvest I have ever had.


With some of my previous plants, especially the latest northern lights harvest, most of the buds were just a little bit bigger than what these are right now. Granted there were a TON of them on that plant, but I am very impressed with the quality of the @bifbeans genetics. I am looking forward to my next grow, which will be the ghost toof. That one is another strain of theirs and if it is anything like these have been, it will be a high quality strain.


These plants have been super healthy and I am really liking the new mainlining technique that I incorporated into this grow. It has given me a very nice even canopy. I have also cut back on how much defoliation I have been doing, which allows for the plants to get very bushy and have a lot of fan leaves to gather the light. I did end up trimming this one a bit because it was my bushiest plant and there were lower nodes that were not getting the light that they need.


Overall, this has been a very successful grow so far and I am really looking forward to the next few weeks as all the plants continue to produce some pretty nice looking bud sites. Hopefully the branches are ready to hold the weight of all this bud that they will have.


Holy shit dude! Those have grown so much the past week. That quad is really living up to its reputation.

It will be crazy to see where they go from here. They have only been flowering for almost a week.

Those are so purdy!

Thanks man. I am excited for these ones. They are doing way better than I had anticipated.


Nice job, they really are killer genetics on the BifBean, I may get ahold of some regs from them. I just like photos better 🤣🤣.

Ya. I need to grow some photos at some point. I've done nothing but autos since I started growing.

This looks delicious! I would like to say you have a serious green thumb, but it's also purple with a bunch of crystals on it. I will gladly volunteer myself to smoke these and leave a review if you want. I don't think the postal service would mind these days!

You are more than welcome to stop by and try it when it’s ready

I appreciate it. I can't wait to see the finished product.

some weed tokens for you
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