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Keep your house in order, let others care for their own

Yesterday was Children's Day in my country and I've been translating reports about human rights abuses against children and adolescents for the past two weeks. I'll do my best to close that cycle today so that I can move on to other things, these topics are very important and I consider myself fortunate to have access to that information and thus train my empathy on issues well beyond my direct experience, especially because I have a spiritual stake, so to speak, invested on them. Plus the money's really good even though my fees aren't as high as they could be.

In the mean time, there are changes all around me that involve me to some degree and I must observe them carefully. As I meditated last night, I realized that I'd allowed some noise to leak into my perception regarding these developments, so this week will be all about exploring them for more insights. There's a Full Moon in Aquarius this Friday and I'd planned to attend another Ayahuasca ceremony on Saturday, but I'm reconsidering that, I'll see.

There's so much going on right now, so many transformations. On top of whatever we feel individually, we must also decide how much of other people's processes we want to know, and how far we want to involve ourselves with them, particularly if they don't show any willingness to understand our situation too. Our urgencies, fears and wishes don't concern others, and the opposite is also true, we're not obligated to adapt our criteria, timings and decisions to the arbitrary parameters of those around us, regardless of their assumed status in any group or organization. There's only one authority for me, and it's mine. I don't impose it on others, I don't try to persuade others that I'm right or make them believe in what I believe, so nobody can impose their own views on me.


This is my message and the Rune's today: we build our own narratives and abide by their rules, yes, but the narratives of others are their own. We must respect them, yes, but we don't need to adopt them as our own. Freedom of choice is also the obligation to acknowledge the freedom of others. If you don't trespass on anyone's choices, nobody has the right to trespass on your own, be it your mother, your partner, your boss or anyone else in any capacity or with any degree of access to your life. Every time a boundary is crossed on either side, noise arises in the form of conflict, chaos and misunderstandings, and it's our duty to be aware of it because it will grow unattended. The people that we see immersed in great discomfort and darkness have already allowed the noises in their lives to go too far and the more noise, the harder it is to detect noise.

Don't mind so much for the actions and words of others, care for your own. Question your reality, the validity of your procedures, the things that you think you know, the range of your motions, and leave others to their own business. If there's genuine interest to collaborate, then attitudes and goals shall align, but until that happens, nobody owes you anything and you owe nothing to anyone but yourself.

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Night Rune: Kenaz

I behold without danger the collapse of many systems. I see several cats capable of speaking to me with their mind.

Daylight message: Othala

The cycles and rhythms of others are not yours, avoid biding yourself to works that do not concern you. Do not accept conditions blindly, if you doubt the process, stand aside. Careful with the documents that you sign and the tasks that you assume; read slowly the contracts and instructions that reach you, question each point until you reach minimal certainties. Demand guarantees for your capital and resources, especially in long-term investments. Retrace the steps of your memories, observe the repetitions, the mistakes that you can correct now and also the choices that you can reinforce. Accept the advice of more experienced people, understand the implications before entering into commitments. Sacrifice and abnegation open doors, yes, but suffering is not necessary and excesses always cause suffering. Respect your limits, but emancipate yourself from constrictions imposed by others.


A very important talk that everyone should take note of. Live your life as if you are the only one on planet earth. Let others worry about how they go about theirs and bear the reward and consequences of their actions. Life is just to short to over burden yourself over what is not.

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Indeed. We can merely be observers of other people's lives unless invited to partake, and even then, we should always keep our distance from other processes. This is a way of solitude, but it's also a way of freedom. Thank you for your comment!