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Weaving the Old into the New

That subtitle is a quote from Dr. Robert Ford, the expression of the Creator in HBO's Westworld. It refers to the cyclical nature of the Universe, the role of memories in imagination, the concept of experience and evolution, among many other things. This is Now, and in the Now we can access both past and future simultaneously, but this capacity is obscured by millennia of conditioning to believe in divisions and separations, codes that are buried so deeply within our psyche, our DNA and cellular structure that they predate even the existence of our species, connecting us with every other entity, from animals and plants, to nebulas and stars.


Yes, we're constantly connected with everything and everyone else. As we progress into ourselves, these links are revealed and we can then study them... or be stunted by them, if we refuse to acknowledge and accept them. The Now is Change, nothing remains the same even from one nanosecond to another, minute variations occur in the illusory line of events that we call Time. For instance, as I write this I'm experiencing all sorts of thoughts and emotions, interacting with my sister when she addresses me or hailing the doggie when he passes by my door; each of these things changes me, them and the space we inhabit together even if these changes go unnoticed. Therefore everything dies and collapses into something else. We become together, there's no opposition at that profound level of reality, only mutation and adaptation.

Resisting this process is the core of suffering. We grieve, we trash about, we scream, complain and curse our fate when the relentless mechanism of Creation compels us to move in specific patterns that we disagree with. Can you imagine a cog that resists the pulse of the mainspring in a watch? First, it would suffer damage along with the gears directly in contact with it; then, it would make the entire structure suffer, thus increasing fallibility and endangering the very survivability of the system it requires to function. In effect, that resistance kills the cog and everything around it, after which the entire mechanism must be replaced. The same happens to us when we attempt to oppose the flow of the Now, its overwhelming power shatters us and we must be replaced, but since there's no other composition like ours, no spark of Light with the unique making that we have, this replacement merely means that we have to be reborn and live everything all over again. If we manage to realize our resistance and overcome it, we can then let go of our old selves with ease, and transformations become increasingly less traumatic until trauma disappears altogether.

Transformation is indeed irresistible, and resistance is indeed futile, and yet, we have no choice but to resist, it's an embedded response. Thus we suffer until we delve into ourselves and realize that we could just stop fighting and go with the river. In this, our past states, the memories of our failures and previous collapses, are our most essential resource. We have endless books in our inner libraries that we can read and be enhanced by, hoarding them in piles and jumbles does us no good. Enter your libraries, organize them and get to work, there's much to learn and the Now is eternal.


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Night Rune: Laguz

I see great violence in liminal areas and roads, but I do not see the damage caused. The culprits are many women dressed for party.

Daylight message: Laguz

You catch a glimpse of something that you have wished for on the road, but obtaining it demands from you a new mutation. Receive the new information even if you do not like it, it shall allow you to change and evolution is constant change. Each space that you visit has its own rhythms and guardians; adapt, observe, avoid disrespects. Prepare for the birth of a new paradigm, the old attitudes and behaviors will not avail you, reinvent yourself. Death is an essential function of Life, let what you were die, transform and free yourself. Consecrate with perfumes and prayers this new form that you obtain at every second, beauty is in everything if you choose to see it. Every act of creation involves destruction; the letter destroys the paper; childbirth destroys the mother. Our labor is to give form to the unformed, name the unnamable, order the chaos. Forth, then, fulfill your Purpose and create that which only you can create.


Our labor is to give form to the unformed, name the unnamable, order the chaos. Forth, then, fulfill your Purpose and create that which only you can create.

I will use these last two sentences as motivation to continue with my dino story/ dinoverse.

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