Cure for muscles for children

Last week, one of my nephew has a serious case. During the day he is always playing with his brothers and at night is body will be hot. At first we never pay attention to him .




We were thinking maybe it was malaria so we gave him paracetamol to you . This very day he was unable to eat even yo play now very difficult and his body temperature is high and going down. My aunty was about to check his temperature and the way he usually scratch his body that when she noticed that something was coming out from his body and immediately she said it was measles.

Materials used to cure measles

  1. Bombom ( sodom apple leaf)


  1. Iwuro (bitter leaf)


  1. Gin


How it was used

  • At first she squeezed little portion of the bitter leaf and sodom apple leaf together and use it to bath him with cold water.



  • Then she used another portion squeeze it and added the gin to it and gave the boy small portion like two tea spoon





  • she continue to give him everyday and with time the measles heal up and he back to normal.

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Wow thanks so much really appreciate. He is now feeling better and he is even playing all around.

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Hope it works and he feels better.

Yes it work and feel better . I waited for some days before I post it to be sure it works out