Scrambled Eggs with Tumeric and Spinach — nutritious and healthy

We all have heard of the natural benefits of having Tumeric in our diets. There are medicinal-like effects that this natural supplement has been used globally for it’s healing properties.

The question is, how can I have it daily? Easy way that I enjoy is in my egg omelettes or just scramble eggs. Today I show you a very quick and easy way to incorporate Turmeric and Spinach into some scrambled eggs for a tasty morning breakfast (you certainly can make for dinner as well0.

You can use ground Tumeric extract that is available in stores or you can ground it yourself from fresh Tumeric. Today, I am using the powder. In the series of photos below, I start with heating the pan with coconut oil and grass fed butter.


I use about.4 eggs and scramble them in a bowl while the pan is heating up. Once it’s heated up, I add a little bit of baby spinach leaves to the pan so they reduce into the oil.



Once the spinach looks sautéed enough, I simply poor the eggs in the pan with the spinach.

Now we add our Tumeric. Normally, I sprinkle with my fingers, today I show you with a small spoon how much Tumeric I will be adding.


Let the eggs and Tumeric cook a bit and then slowly mix them around to get your fluffy scramble eggs and your powder all mixed up.


Now, it’s up to you to decide how cook you like your scrambled eggs.


Not only is this a super simple recipe, its healthy and nutritious as well. You can add all sort of options to this dish. One of my favorite is to slice some sweet potatoes into the pan before the spinach added. At the end, you have a delicious hearty and well balanced meal and the taste is all in your hands.

Thank you so much for reading Bon Appetite!


Yeah the importance of turmeric in our diet cannot be over emphasized 🍝.
As nice as it looks, I know the taste we be so yummy

Thank you. It was delicious and super easy too :-)

Awwn. Good to know that.


didn't know you can cook, lol. Looks delicious and healthy too

One of my many hidden talents. I do ok as long as I keep it simple.

@porters here on behalf of @NaturalMedicine – Thanks for sharing this simple way of incorporating turmeric into your diet. I was very much aware of the benefits of turmeric and I'm always on the look out for new ways to added it to my diet. I'll be using this idea. thanks for sharing!


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Thank you so much. Super easy and delicious :-)

This is a staple in our home. I also put turmeric in my scrambled eggs. The baby spinach is a nice addition. Will have to try that one. :)

Thank also might want to slice some sweet potato first and cook that ....nice combination of flavors.

I love sweet potato so it won't hurt to add to the combination of flavors. Haha. I will be happy with that. Thanks for sharing @floridanow. Keep safe...