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Time is a miscellaneous companion of life. On one hand, it feels like forever when I think about what has happened within the last six weeks. On the other hand, my last post feels like not too long ago, but it has been almost two months. So many #weekendexperiences! ^_^
Have I asked already if it is allowed to write about a weekend which lies in the past, even if there are several weekends in between, @galenkp?

  • Content must revolve around your weekend (Saturday and Sunday) but can be posted any day of the week:
    What you did, what you're going to do or what you would like to do. Any subject is welcome provided it happened, or is going to happen on the weekend, with reference made to the weekend. Simply mentioning the word weekend isn't sufficient.

Maybe I'll understand better and have more time, and more content. Anyway, for now I think what I write down in this post finds a better suit in the Natural Medicine Community, because it is about mental health.

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After my last Hive event, the big one ;p Mine your Mind organised by the Team of @hivebeecon, I finished my training in Hangab


and received a certification, which makes me very fortunate.


The stickers were around and are from Lluna<3, collected from the artist Sandra McAndrew.
Hopefully Lluna can forgive me that I used them to build a little shrine for the certificate.

Why does Hangab make me fortunate?
Well, it is more what I can give with this technique to people than about the certificate itself.
The third and final part of our training, which had a magical all-time high, and not only meeting great people and being connected with them, it also made me see deeper into Hangab's potential.
But it goes even better.
After a couple of times giving and receiving sessions during the training, I took a break to integrate and observed my training partners. One of our teachers did music for the group. That made me think of offering doing music, too. Asking the group to add some vibes from my guitar, as I had all my music equipment with me.
From there on, it went only higher. The group gave me so much great feedback and asked me to play more. It supported their journey, both sides, giver and receiver.
After the training, the five of us, Priska, Lluna, Raffa, Alex and I went to Zurich to Priska and Raffa. Still high from our experience, and the connection which has been growing since day one, we put the first seeds of a creation. The creation of doing something together. Hangab and Soundbath. Three doing Hangab (Priska Raff and Alex), and two creating the Soundbath (Lluna and myself).

But from here, my path continued and went to Barcelona, through Zenhof (which the first photo, the lil waterfall in a creek was made from) and Têche. During this three weeks, the five of us put ideas together, created the Five Flavours, made flyers and spread them wherever we could.






There wasn't much time, but we pulled the interest client by client and had 14 clients waiting to explore with us.
I started practising different sounds, moods, loops and took out one of my old loves.

The Sitar.
This sound is just right for the purpose of dreaming away.

The weekend of our first Session as Five Flavours started on Saturday. Friday was the preparation day. Emptying the room, cleaning it, make it nice and cosy for a welcome warm space. Thanks to Priska and Raffa, and Muladhara, who provided their space for the session.

Here is only our music equipment.

We were giving with all our passion.
And almost forgot to make any photos. Thank you to Lluna for taking at least some.



A new instrument!
The indian Shruti Box.

That was a very powerful weekend.

Realising more and more how powerful this therapy and music truly is.
Of course, everybody who talks about their certifications, performances, or work talks about it positively, and try to sell it, right?
But because the feedback we got, I got from the people, the clients, our receivers, and my partners make me see the value of this wholesome therapy and music.
Really, try it.

The Root of a Mango Tree with a carving of Siddhartha.

I hope you had a read on the text in the photos above, in order to understand what Hangab actually is (text by Raffa and Priska, design by Lluna).

Sometimes we need somebody, or something, to trigger a reaction within ourselves to change. It can be our partner, a friend, therapist, a situation, an event, or even an animal, that triggers something within us and makes us change; we have experienced that Hangab comes into place, supporting the journey of letting go.

Physical and mental release. Something we have stored in our body or mind can be released through Hangab.

It can be a tension in our back, knees or just a head full of never-ending loops. Through a Hangab session, you can try to let go of all of those. Why and how?

The acceptance of letting go starts with trusting in your environment, in the hands of your body worker, in the technique and equipment, and trusting in yourself.
Your power of healing.
And music supports it.

It is so good and beautiful to see how people trust and open themselves, stepping into something new, into the unknown. And it's great to see how people develop in letting go on situations they can't control.

This weekend of full on treatment for such a beautiful and unforgettable experience to me.

The connection between the five of us got stronger. I spared many tears, feel love and gratitude for them. Being and working together with those beautiful people is a bliss to me.

Another important point, between pain, fear and curiosity we all might feel, we can put our attention to enjoy hanging upside down.

Thank you, Lluna, Priska, Raffa and Alex, and Marian – for motivating me to try out this path.
Five Flavours to be continued.



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Thanks for sharing your experience with Hangab! You were talking about it, but you did a great job with this post sharing what it is and how it is beneficial for body and soul, combined with music!

I have picked this post on behalf of the @OurPick project which will be highlighted in the next post!

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Thanks a lot, @ph1102 🙏🏽😌

That looks a fantastic event! It is hard to imagine how to organise it so well.

Thank you so much for your feedback. It was draining and on Sunday I was done, after 4 times of 90 minutes playing music. But absolutely worth it. Good earnings, and I don't talk only about money. To make people happy is priceless. And thanks to our two friends who did a big part of organising it so well.

Ah no!! I am too late… I saw the devotion you put in this post… you are a jewel Mazin and you can see it by reading your words <3

Thanks for your feedback 😘😌

I think you asked me about this before. You can post about anything, as long as it happened on a weekend.

Sorry for not understanding. Last time I got it about the deadline that one can post any day during the week, Saturday and Sunday included. But I didn't know that you can post about a weekend which lies long time ago. Now I know. And if I ask you something similar again, I owe you a drink 😌
Thank you for your answer.

No worries, any weekend content is suitable, defined as Saturday and Sunday.

Does the word counter work properly? I checked it and PeakD says 218, but QuillBot counts ~1k. Donno who to ask… @gtg, @mipiano, @ph1102, do you know some1 who could know, and may you refer me?

Hi there @growandbow

You are back 😃

Yeah, for some reason your post shows 218 words but there are 1021 words (when I put your post in my draft haha)

So, how are you amazing people? No, don't tell me, let me read your post :))

Back to Hive, finally 🤗
I was missing you guys ❣️

It's not a big deal with the word count. I was just curious and thought, why not asking.

We are good as possible in a white environment ❄️
I do a lot of tree work.
January México and, hopefully 🤞🏽🤞🏽, from February in Barcelona.

How are you doing?

Mexico in January? 🥂 Wow, that sounds interesting.

We are fine, thank you, but enjoy that snow for us too. Well, for me hahaha at least 😆

Right, it does sound interesting. But comes with some planning stress 😅

Happy to hear that you are fine. Yes, we'll enjoy the snow for you, toooo!!! My hands were very painful, but I luvd it, and we send you snowy greetings, with leaves ❄️🍂❄️


Ooooooooh, a snowman and Lluna behind it hahaha, I see her :P Though in one moment I thought - how did you make the arms lol 😂

How do you know it's Lluna!!? 🙃😉

Have no idea what happened and how... Probably a bug at Peakd...

It looks like you had a great time hanging out there!!! 😃

Btw... I forgot to tell you that, in the end, I ordered a VISA card from It arrived and it works... wrote a short "review" about it here

Greetings to both of you!!!! ❤️

Yeah, maybe a bug. Nothing big with relevance.
Actually I just wanted to say hello to you guys and used it as an excuse 😅

Oh, you did order one. Cool. I'm waiting for my one. Takes suspicious long time to arrive.
I'll read your post. Thanks for sharing.

Bug hugs to you ❤️

Actually I just wanted to say hello to you guys and used it as an excuse 😅

Ehehehehe... I'm thinking of going here the next year... So if you want to hang out.. :)


I bought a ticket, but as it is still far in the future, nothing is certain...

You have more details about that event here:

Thank you for the info! @tibfox put me already in context and yes, I saved the date. Only thing; A job in Barcelona and this Hamburg Hive Meetup could get in each other ways. I'll know more in January. Let's hope the best; combo for both 🤞🏽🤞🏽

A meetup in Hamburg without you? That would not be the same!

So much pressure 😅
I'm in cheerful spirits and all will go well. So, see you in Hamburg, then. Looking forward to it, and to see you again. Skipped my last two jobs in Hamburg, as it was too much effort, not fitting, and too little money.

Wordcount shows 1057 in Ecency!

Thank you.
Then my peakD might have a little bug.

Word count? What word count?

PeakD has a word counter in its top right corner. Mine is broken 😆. But nothing very important.

No worries, if it's a good content then word counts doesn't count. ;-)

Well spoken ^_^

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