Mindful Stability - Building a strong base can change everything!

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This is a pricelessly powerful practice to bring awareness too.

You can use this as a longer base setting practice or use it for a quick checkin. It can also be a great invitation to simple self care like walking in bare feet.

This was initially shared as a series of Tuesday life streams at Balance Yoga in Cluj. https://balanceyoga.ro


▶️ 3Speak


Really appreciating you sharing this wisdom on @threespeak @ianperic - as the outer layers of society unravel and become increasingly turbulent, the inner core needs to be calmer and stronger to hold that tension.

So many people prefer the video format and find it more personal - less stage managed, if you will - and I love that more and more #naturalmedicine and #mindfulness content is finding its way onto video.

Cheers @artemislives, an honour and pleasure!

It would feel like a whole other world without a strong loving base 💚

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