Defiance - Distraction - Procrastination & Trauma, The Emotion - Body - Belief Codes


Hello Hive!

I have not written for a while. I have been in a state of apathy since 2020. I was unable to do art anymore, which I had always been able to do every day. I was bored and it felt pointless. I guess I was probably depressed.

The truth was that I was traumatized - losing my whole community, having to stand up for my right to breathe air and being shut out of my source of food - it triggered childhood trauma that I did not know was still locked inside of me.

All of us have been traumatized, and I am not sure we have processed the trauma - maybe instead we just tried to suppress it and put it in the past the way we have been taught to do. In addition, it was hard to process this trauma because everyone has gone through it together. We seem to still be processing it, by talking about it. It still happens to me when I meet someone new - we still always talk about Con-vid.

I stumbled upon The Emotion Code in March, 2023 from an old hippie who showed up at a Barter Market we were putting on in Boulder, CO. He was there vending all his cool hippie leathers and Orgone Generators and he was going on and on about The Body Code...I went home and looked it up and found that The Emotion Code was something I could teach myself for free - so I did.

Here is the book on youtube

The Emotion Code was invented or discovered in 2007 and the Body Code came later with an App.

The Emotion Code is based on the premise that we have trapped emotions stored in our bodies that form balls of energy which interrupt the flow of Qi (Chinese Medicine) and cause imbalances which lead to disease and illness. I have plenty of trapped emotions from my violent childhood and I have been working on my gut issues for at least 20 years. It made perfect sense to me, and since I had been trying a gazillion methods for Trauma Release, I tried the Emotion Code at once!

Dr. Bradley Nelson who invented these modalities was directed to make the Emotion Code free to learn and use by people and the Body Code and the Belief Code require the App and can be used for a Certification. If you get Certified, you have to learn the Emotion Code first. It is, after all, at the basis of everything.

For the first time I felt renewed energy and desire to do something - and I felt like this was something real that could be very useful, especially because, I for one, never want to have to go to another Doctor ever again. I figured knowing this would give me something to "trade" should "money" go away.

I started working on myself and family and our dogs. I saw immediate and amazing results. I worked on it every day. I filled notebooks of sessions and read books and watched youtube videos on muscle-testing and kineasiology. I decided that I was going to learn muscle-testing - which I had never been able to do before because I always 2nd guessed myself but this time, I meant business and I just DECIDED IT and it was SO.

I also made a pair of Dowsing Rods and used them as a way to confirm my muscle-testing which gave me more confidence. I am already a highly intuitive person to begin with - being an intuitive artist and having developed clairvoyance in my artwork, it wasn't that far of a leap for me.

Here is a youtube I made showing how to make the rods:

I made this video for my friend but I have been sharing this video around - since so many people are benefiting from this. I do recommend that you be in a calm state - like breathe deeply and count backwards from 3 before asking your question.

I put it out there online that I was doing this healing work and I got a variety of interesting people with interesting problems to work on.

Other methods I have tried: Inner Family Systems Therapy, EFT Tapping, Chakra Balancing from the Energy Healing Institute, Basic Psychic Development by John Friedlander and Gloria Hemsher (Also very helpful), EMDR - Eye Movement Therapy - Donna Eden's Meridian Energy Work... but all of these methods, although they helped me to stand up for my rights to not have a diaper on my face, did not address the physical issues I have, so I was sold on the Codes.

I met this woman online in my community who's husband had Congestive Heart Failure. She knows healing modalities and I offered to try the Emotion code on him -and I also had the Body Code book as well... I tried all kinds of things on that guy - it was all remote - I never spoke to him - I sent the reports to his wife - he was at death's door - and I worked on him for maybe a few weeks, every 3 or 4 days - as his body told me, through muscle-testing, what he could handle - and then I never heard back from her.

Finally, several months later I asked her what had happened - and he's all better!!!

I had other amazing results like that - with my partner and his military trauma. He was in the Cold War in the 80s stationed in Germany. He talked about it every day. I removed his "Heart Wall", which is an Emotion Code technique one day and that night he confided in me some nasty details about the Military experience for an hour straight, then went to sleep and promptly got the flu for 2 weeks and then never talked about it again. Now, I didn't really know what I was doing - I removed 30 trapped emotions in 1 day - which is too many. His body couldn't process all that - and so he got sick. I learned when I was getting certified to only do 10 per session.

I cured the acid reflux part of my gut issues using the Emotion Code. I cured my fear of standing up for myself, using the Emotion Code.
I cured our old mama dog of hip displaysia - which I have to renew now and then as she is a rescue with a lot of bad belief systems and habits.

Then I hit a wall. I had been working on myself and others for about 4 months and suddenly, one day, out of nowhere, I stopped. I could not get myself to work on myself or anyone else. It lasted for about 2 months. I was stopped dead in my tracks. I felt so terrible as I had people lined up waiting for me to work on them. I could not work on our dogs - I was stuck...again. This time it was not apathy though - I now know it was Resistance.

My boyfriend decided I should become certified in these modalities and he paid for my tuition, after I was fired from my job in June.

I worked hard and got my Emotion Code Certification and then my Body Code Certifications. Working in a structured environment made it easy. It was a self-paced course and there were plenty of people who wanted free healing in my community. I worked on a guy who has a brain tumor and seizures, a gal with horrible PMS issues and a bad knee, a woman with a melanoma on her nose. I decided to work on some of these people past my certification to see how far we could get with it. I worked on a woman who had been sprayed with Round-up somehow - maybe by a crop-sprayer plane. I worked on a guy who is a therapist, who's wife is an alcoholic, and who is "coping" with that by being a therapist.

I was able to follow the curriculum and get the certifications
which by this point included the Belief Code, which I feel is the most powerful of the 3 modalities, for Trauma.

When I did the Body Code Certification, I bought the subscription to the app at and that is amazing. I worked on a guy with schizo-affective disorder, My boyfriend sprained his wrist one day, and I did a session on him and his sprained wrist was cured by that afternoon so that he was out digging holes with a shovel. I pulled my back out lifting a heavy mattress - and cleared my schedule to get a chiropractic appointment - I did a session on myself and within 12 hours my back went back into alignment. When I got to the chiropractor he was astonished at how well I am doing, having not seen him for months.

At this point, I now have a permanent volunteer gig working for The Great Escape Mustang Rescue Organization which was originally based in Longmont, CO and has since moved to Chama, NM.

For those of you who don't know - the Bureau of Land Management has been rounding up these wild horses and burrows in Sand Wash Basin, Utah maybe since the 70s but it has escalated now. They want the land for "raising beef cattle"- which contradicts the other stories about making us eat lab-raised meat and crickets - but for whatever horrible reason, they are brutally rounding up these beautiful wild creatures and torturing them, with freeze-brands, and holding them for months without food or water or shelter from the cold. Many of them die in captivity and are also abused by the asshole-workers.

There are not enough rescue organizations and all of these horses are messed up emotionally and have a lot of problems once they come to the sanctuaries, where they are gentled and broken and trained to be adopted out.

I offered my services to them on a voluntary basis when I started the Body Code Certification, and it has been working! The first case, Tupelo, was so violent, no one could go near him, but I did the Emotion Code and some Body Code work on him and he transformed into a gentle giant.


Now I have them counting on me, and then the same thing happened again. I was unable to work on anyone.

Then I discovered the idea that "Defiance" is a Belief System. I had just gotten the 3rd certification in the Belief Code, which is like the trifecta of the 3 modalities, especially for Trauma, because if you have a belief system underlying your physical problem, and then you are cured of your physical problem, the belief system will bring it back or manifest the symptoms in a different way, if the belief system is not rooted out.

I started doing the Belief Code on the horses with faster results, which is good, because there are an endless number of horses with trauma.

But there I was stuck. What I discovered is that I have been suffering from Defiance and not really knowing it. I didn't even really know that "Defiance" was a "thing".

Well, as it turns out, Defiance is a huge thing for "people" and "animals" who have suffered from Trauma. For me, what I realized is that my entire life, I have been in a state of Defiance -

I either won't do what I am supposed to do, I will quit, move away, or procrastinate and distract. I will use a combination of many types of distractions which are readily available in our culture and then coupled with Procrastination to never move forward productively in anything.

Becoming Certified in these modalities revealed that pattern for me because now I couldn't run my old number because my boyfriend is right there observing me and trying to help me. It was quite a shock. I decided to take it on.

I am doing Belief Code treatments on myself daily on all the topics that make up "Defiance" based on Dr. Hawkins' Map of Consciousness.

First I did it on the Defiance itself. That was a powerful experience, afterwhich I felt much lighter. Then separately each on Apathy, Guilt, Grief, Fear, Anger, Healing-Resistance, and then on the Distractions I use: Eating while binge-watching Netflix, not doing chores, staying up till the wee hours of the morning, etc.

It's a long project and I am not done, but I am already feeling some "give", as I am now becoming able to do some of the things that I have been "Defying" doing that I have not been "able" to do - including getting back to work as a Body Code Practitioner and helping the people, and my animal friends.

I wanted to share about the Emotion - Body - Belief Codes here because I haven't seen many posts about it, but also I wanted to share about Defiance, as a symptom of Trauma, since so many people were traumatized by the Plandemic. And how many of us have recovered from that Trauma or even understand the repercussions of it? is my website, for the Codes, and here is a link to the document I wrote about clearing Defiance.


This is all so interesting!! I will certainly save this post to go over later. A lot of things stood out to me, especially what you say about the emotional trauma of 2020-era. I see so many people, and couples struggling still with the trauma. Trauma is part of life and, I think, makes us stronger and more adaptable when we learn how to work through it. The problem is that so many folks don't recognize how and why it was so traumatizing. For example my sister wanted to split up with her partner because he was not willing to get out of his hermit-ish habits he had formed during the pandemic. We talked a lot and I tried to help her see how she could support him and give him time to process, maybe it wasn't traumatizing for her but he is living in fear of "doing the wrong thing" in public and thus is afraid of the public...

Anyway, the part about the horse too! We have a mare who was actually a stray and wandered onto our land a couple years ago. She has learned to trust us in many ways but is still very adverse to being brushed or shown affection. I have a sense that she may have been abused by her previous owner but I am not sure how to continue helping her heal besides just showing and telling her that she is safe and taken care of here.

Hello! Yes - people, in general, have very much less flexibility for each other due to their own unresolved trauma. Regarding your horse, you could definitely release trapped emotions for her using the Emotion Code chart above, muscle-testing or using a pendulum or dowsing rods to determine the trapped emotion and swiping down her governing meridian from ears to mid back or just on her back - with your hand - it would probably make her much more comfortable!

That is perfect because a friend just gifted me my first pendulum, I will certainly give it a try. Thank you for the advice and resource.

let me know how it works out!