Now what this post REALLY needed was a final pic of your kids EATING it and some comment from you about how easy you found this recipe to make, and maybe how it could be adapted for people who don't eat GMO soy. DID they like it??? 😆 And what did you serve it with??? Maybe you could make some suggestions about making it vegan? (changing up the butter for plant-based oils)?

It's also really important to reference the cookbook or website you 'borrowed' the recipe from. Cos even cookbook authors deserve recognition.

*feeling hungry.

Ahh - yes, I see. When you are new you need a little bit if "juice" to make your account work - sort of like phone credit for bandwidth. Let me check with the community to see how we can help with that.

Hi again @intra. So I've delegated 100 hive to you for the next month or so, to give your account some "juice" and enable you to post without having Resource Credit limits. After the first few weeks of posting regularly and powering up your rewards, you will have your own Hive Power to make your account run easily.

Hope that helps. 😊

Your voting power will recharge automatically every 24 hours. If you click on "tools" in PeakD you will see on the top how much voting % you have left. Best not to let it go much under 85%. :)

When you post and comment and earn Hive, you also earn Resource Credits. It just takes a few weeks to get the ball rolling.