From France with g[love]s A story of healing in social struggles

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I'm all for surviving the upcoming turmoils and helping others to help others to do the same. It is clear that there will be increased police 'enforcement' at all stages of protest and dissension.
I'm sharing a document around to help alleviate some of the damage that will ensue. This document comes from street medics of France, who released it after the big protests. It's a no punches pulled, practical guide to dealing with injuries coming from the weapons and devices used by police in France and around the world.

As healers, it is becoming more likely that we involved in @naturalmedicine will be called on to provide emergency healing or even long term herbal support for victims of this kind of violence. It's why I started the Facebook group 'The Apocathary' in the first place.

It's called " From France with g[love]s A story of healing in social struggles". It's confronting but worth a read if you're planning to 'take it to the streets' either as a protestor or a healer.

If you're actively working to end the campaign of violence in Palestine, or undecided about it, it is interesting to note that many of the devices covered in the document were tested on Palestinians by Israeli forces on behalf of the weapons manufacturers. Shocking, I know, but the manufacturers not so subtly use this fact as part of their sales pitch. When you also consider that 'Skunk Water' {which was designed for the IDF to dispel crowds due to its lingering, nauseating smell} has recently been used on Palestinian students in the US, it's not a great leap to wonder if it won't be used in your neck of the woods soon.

Honestly folks, it's probably the third most confronting thing I'll ever post. There are some very graphic images. Click on the link in the text to access it freely.

Some of you may have seen that I've been writing a series of posts about making herbal remedies at home. I want to share what I know of this topic so that, as the world gets crazier, folks will have other avenues of medical care, namely those of themselves and their community. If you look back over this blog, you can see heaps of info on the topic, plus loads and loads of posts on herbs and using Australian bushfoods from a white perspective. If you haven't been around on in the @hivegarden and @naturalmedicine communities for long, you may be interested in looking back. There's w-a-a-a-a-y too much there for me to repost and the Hive system doesn't let you vote on old posts so, if you're happy with what you find, I believe that there is now a tip option...





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