LOTUS NEWS: A Few Adjustments for a Lotus Greener Future!

We've recently made some major changes that we have begun to implement in the tokenomics of our beloved LOTUS token. We have recently teamed up with @richardcrill (founder of the WEEDcash project) bringing him on the team as an economic advisor. He has assisted in raising the value of the LOTUS token within just a short time frame - exciting news!

tokenomic changes.png

Changes So Far...

  1. All founders' accounts have been powered down to match the range of our biggest investors.
    By powering down each of the founders' accounts to a range around the largest investors, we have made the rewards more equitable making it easier for new investors to gain a larger percentage of the vested stake.
  2. All support accounts (i.e. @uplotus, @downlotus) are being powered down to zero (0) and the funds are being sent to @lotusnectar. Initially, we powered up large amounts of LOTUS to our support accounts so that we would have the ability to maintain the content of our front-end (https://naturalmedicine.io) with ease; however, those large stakes were a) unnecessary, and b) potentially prevented new investors from seeing any value in our token as it made it difficult for them to have any influential stake. Thus, we have powered them all down and allocated the funds to a new support account (@lotusnectar) which will have the role of putting these issued tokens out onto the market as sell orders slowly over time. The idea behind this is to create more liquid LOTUS to be available for current and future investors.
  3. Creating a funding account to afford current and future development of our token and front-end. As mentioned in the previous point, @lotusnectar will be selling off LOTUS which has already been issued from the initial launch. The funds obtained from these sell orders will be used to focus on current and future development of our project as a whole. From the beginning, we have funded this project from out of our pockets, and continue to do so for now. We aim to create a project that is self-sustaining which can ultimately help us to afford to pay for services which will increase the user-experience and the equity of our project.
  4. Purchasing and deploying LOTUS miners. One of the developments that we are currently working towards is purchasing miners for the LOTUS token so that investors looking to support our project can earn a passive income while helping bring greater value to the project. The miners will be purchased using the funds from selling LOTUS tokens which has been previously mentioned.

Any questions? Please be sure to let us know in the comments below or contact us in our Discord server!


Earn Instantly For Writing Good Natural Health Content

If you would like to earn LOTUS and HIVE rewards for sharing your natural health content on www.naturalmedicine.io, you can sign up for a free FREE account by emailing [email protected]. Read more about us on our Welcome Page. We support writers sharing about herbalism, TCM, yoga, meditation, vegan and other healthy diets, as well as earth centred practices such as foraging, permaculture and biodynamics.

Please consider delegating to help keep this collective going. For any questions, come ask in our friendly Discord here !



Sounds like a plan. I will put some HIVE aside to save for some minors.

It's very nice to see a post like this!

I have been lurking a bit in the shadows, as Natural Medicine is on my "short list" of the next potential communities to follow in the footsteps of LeoFinance's success. This is a great community with a nicely defined and quite popular niche... so it would be nice to see things really take off and grow.

Thanks for the update!

 3 years ago  

Fabulous.We've loved you being on the sidelines. Much work to be done - welcoming those with the skills to help us out!

Interesting and welcome developments. Smart to think of future developments and how investors can come in to earn from the project as well. Wishing you success @naturalmedicine. :)

Hello friend, excuse me, this post caught my attention and your lotus token is still valid?