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This is why Igbo people always visit their mother land regardless of how far their country of residence is from their mother land

My family fulfilling a traditional rite

Welcome to my blog dear friend. This is my first article in the year 2022. I trust you had a peaceful 2021 year end and a promising 2022 new year celebration.

I and my family travelled to our state of origin this season to fulfill a cultural rite which I’m about to discus with you today.

Africa is a large continent that has thousands of people with different cultures, languages, dialects, traditions, religion, and beliefs. I happened to come from West Africa. My people are called the Igbo people. We’re lovely people that believe so much in justice, love, progress and prosperity. We are one the most industrious people on earth.

Because of how we’re created, we’re found almost in every country of the world for commerce, marriage, education, and for businesses. Many foreign, and black doctors found in the United States are coming from Igbo clan. Likewise in United Arab Emirates. We’re successful business people that drives economy in every place that we’re found.

Recent building I found in my village, built by someone living abroad

In Nigeria as a developing country, the Igbo states are the places one can find beautiful structures in villages, beautiful and modern markets etc. All these are associated to our culture and tradition.

We share cultures that are respected by our people which includes that some % of every success that one achieved must be taken home to the village so that it’ll benefit the community positively, and motivate others in working smart and hard for more success.

We share a slogan that says ‘Akụ luo ụlọ’ which means ‘wealth that is taken home is the most valued one’. This slogan helps our people to always remember their roots and continues to invest in their communities, for development and for the good of all.

What our culture demands from each family unit.

Igbo culture has established a long lasted custom that brings each family together from generation to generation; it’s called the ‘Ụmụnna'. Ụmụnna are kindreds that are made up of kinsmen. In each ụmụnna, it’s expected that every new wife married must be registered to women’s wing; which is forum that unifies all married women inside a particular ụmụnna.

Like, every male child that is up to 18 years is expected to register with ụmụnna which marks his adulthood. From such time, the male child is expected to be responsible, accountable for his actions. He’ll start contributing to the welfare of the community and at the same time begins to benefit from dividends that comes from Ụmụnna.

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You can visit the site below to see how Igbo political elites have also extended our traditions up to political level. Just to make sure that they have a platform that unites and promotes our cultural values.

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I and my family also fulfilled some of these traditional demands during this holiday period

We married 7 years ago, but due to my busy schedule which involved my sick mother and her condition, I was unable to travel home to fulfill some traditional rights for my wife which include registering het with women’s wing in our Ụmụnna (kindred). Our people kept calling me to come back home and fulfill my obligations, but after 7 years of marriage, I decided to task myself for that.

We travelled to our state of origin for this local ceremony that was demanded, which will make my wife to be considered as one of the wives married to our Ụmụnna.

My wife being accepted into women’s forum

This is an event that belong to women alone; I mean wives married into our Ụmụnna (kindred). The only men that may come into this type of gathering should be family members and the husband of the newly married wife.

It’s a lovely tradition that brings us together and brings our thoughts and emotions home. A general meetup is held once each year which involves both home and abroad members.

Many gifts 🎁 and monetary gifts were given to my family

Eventually, the ceremony went well, and we were gifted with many things. The leader of women’s wing gave instructions to my wife and I which includes:

• To love, cherish and respect her husband

• She shouldn’t divorce her husband for another without letting her grievances known to wives forum

• Do not fight or raise voice in anger; exchanging words in public places

• Never involve in child abuse.

• Should make sure she brings her children home after a while

• Max, you shouldn’t raise your hand on your wife, but love, cherish and respect her

• Make sure that you support her business; she shouldn’t be a house wife.

• Involve her in every family matters and decisions.

At the end, we sang songs, danced in our traditional way, exchanged gifts, and refreshed with foods and drinks.

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as I tried to let you know why I’m an Igbo man, our culture and traditions that helps in promoting peace, unity, progress, and love in my community. I also made you to understand that kindred is called Ụmụnna in Igbo land. Ụmụnna is a well respected forum in my land. No one takes his misunderstandings to police custody or to law court without first reporting or tabling the case/problem to Ụmụnna.

Do you have Ụmụnna or something that represents such in your land? I will love to read your comment below on how you feel about our way of life as Igbo people.

Thanks for reading, and remain awesome.



Thank you for sharing a bit of your culture to us! The diversity of cultures in Africa is truly amazing! It's nice how you value family in your culture🤗

It’s a pleasure to always do. Thanks for commenting and for the admiration.