This remedy comes from mulberry bushes

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Greetings! to every community members, I have recently joined this community here and I'm grateful to post something here I hope you guys would like it. Here in my region ther are a lot of local herbs and fruits which produces useful items, now it is the season of wild mulberries they grow abundant in the beginning of summer and they are very sweet and nutritions as well as it is used against cough it's nature is cold so, it can be used as cooling agent when made juice. But this time I'm making it as a syrup in order to preserve them for the whole year whenever you caught by coughing used use the syrup with warm milk and it will relieve the disease


Today it was a very pleasant day so, I went out in the fields in yhe search of wild bushes as they grow bwsides the filds but I didn't find enough amount as they grow so abundant but this time many of the trees wer cut down and this is sad.

  • Look at these black bounties they are black but they can be white and pink as well.

  • This is the amount of berries I found today.

  • Ingredients:
  • Black mulberry
  • Sugar
  • Water and some drops of lemon juice

  • Just boil the berries in the water until they become soft nad dissolved.

  • Just mix and mix the stuff and then add half cup of sugar in the mixture now let it not be burned so, kip stirring until it becomes a thick mixture, you can add some herbs like ginger in the recipe it will make it better.

  • It was a bit hard to capture it while cooking this is me adding sugar in the paste, the paste was made thick and greasy.

Final look
It didn't took much time to make this little recipe it is something traditional we have, mulberries are suggested when someone caught cough and it has many other health benefits.


Mulberries are great!

Indeed they are

Thank you so much for sharing the remedy. I will try it at home.

Easy medicine, never knew mulberry had such good benefits.

Amazing! I have always loved mulberries and even made natural sodas and ferments with them but I didnt know that making syrup was a possibility. When they are ready to harvest I will definately give this a try. Thanks so much for sharing.

Natural fruits or plants are always the best for the body