Win an Astrological Reading, On Us!

This week we're got a super special prize on offer - a FREE astrological reading (or astral chart reading) from @drrune. These readings last for about an hour and are carried out on Discord in a private message. You can read all about his service here and you can even read a review of one of his readings here by @monkeypattiecake! I had one myself and loved it, enjoying the process as well as a few things I learnt about myself and what tools I have within to propel me forward. It's a fascinating tool of self discovery, and I highly encourage you to enter to win!


To be eligible, simply answer one or more of the following prompts or questions, and follow the challenge rules below. You have one week to answer. Posts must be in by Monday lunchtime AUSTRALIAN time so please check against an online time converter so you don't miss out.

“What is the importance of self-inquiry in relation to wellness?”

“How does self-awareness support health?”


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This week we have a VERY special prize - an astrological reading by @drrune! See above for more details. When you win, @drrune will contact you for a time, so please make sure you write your Discord name and number under the winning post so he can find you easily.

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A huge thanks to the community for this initiative! More than happy to be of service!

Which country astrology? I am from India, from brahmin family or priest family. I know palm reading and astrology kundali.

I do Western Astrology, but with a deeply personal approach. It would be awesome to know more about the disciplines you practice!

Oooh.. so interesting @saun.. what is astrology kundali?

Great idea to offer readings! Though I am sure you could charge more than nothing?

With Reiki the effect is more powerful when there is some kind of physical exchange. Or at least that's what I was led to believe by the guy charging me loads of money for the course!

Am confused why we must post in

Can't we do that through peakd? Posting to the NM community?

You can post to community @samstonehill. We try to post from NMIO occasionally as we hope to divert some of the wellness crew to HIVE through canonical links, but we are flexible too hon x

good questions @samstonehill. Esp about the Reiki. Would love to see some #reiki posts from you btw. 😉


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

I think posting through NMio is to encourage more traffic at that front-end.

What do you mean by charging nothing @samstonehill? @naturalmedicine is paying him on behalf of winner? Confused myself haha!

Thanks @naturalmedicine. That’s a great question and I am looking forward to reading the results. Great prize too, very cool indeed!

Awesome contest!

I like to think that my mindful dino stories are - in a way - answering these questions. This is an awesome price that - without a doubt - is gonna enrich someone's life.

I choose to 'enrich' @drrune personally, by letting him read my mind astro charts. I'm looking forward to that.

Keep up the good work you all! I love these vibes :<)

Just did a post on being still, how it develops self awareness and the benefits derived from it then I read this challenge so I will get another responce in more focused on self awareness and well being!

My participation in the challenge: D I did it early: D
A thousand apologies that came out double, I don't know why

Hi, beautiful, healthy humans!
I just shared my video on 3speak, to contribute to this brilliant conversation...

Have tried several times to burn the 100 LOTUS, but continually getting an error message ..?

Looking forward very much to hearing other responses! Thank you for this challenge, @naturalmedicine - and excuse me for not posting directly on - wasn't sure how to get a video directly to there!

Well I got my responce to the Natural Medicine Self Inquiry Challenge done up but was a little to quick to push the publish button and published it to the Natural Medicine community not - my bad!
Here it is at:

Here is proof of burning 100 lotus to @null
transfer to null.jpg