How to be super human: barefoot mountain walking without food or water

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I have been very working hard over the last six months to stay current with decentralised media, educate my children on a daily basis and gain food independence for my family with a decent sized garden, so today I treated myself to a day off, alone in the mountains. My goal was to find an amazing spot and meditate... but not surprisingly, there was much more to my day than just this.

We are all SUPER HUMAN.

No one is average.

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Special thanks to @sebcam for the inspiration :)


Links to Seb:

I highly recommend you follow Seb's journey alongside mine because in many they are connected and I anticipate a day when we are a team again, perhaps in an eco community, somewhere in the Pyrenees Mountains.


Our inner journey of discovery started around the same time when we began sun-gazing together in London back in 2012. We both visualised the lives we wanted and guess what? Now we have them.

This film (made 10 years ago) was one of the many factors which inspired us to begin the practice of sun-gazing.

Four years later I made my own version:

Please practice with caution only at sunrise & sunset. Let your body tell you if it is too bright. Even if you just get up at sunrise and sit in nature with your eyes closed, with the light of the rising sun on your skin, only great things will come from this.

The sun guides & connects us with a Greater Purpose.

If we will fearlessly let it.



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 last year  

Beautiful walk and I love your energy! It energized me even if i was sitting in an office chair watching your video.
It has been quite some time since I have climbed a mountain (how fortunate to have them so close) We do climb the hill close to us most every morning and I love coming out of the bush to the hill top for it seems like a new view every day!

I really needed that day. Knew the mountain would energise & replenish me. Though in truth I felt knackered for the next few days ;) But that was fine. I rested. And then I ate! Food is always so amazing when one takes a break from it. Back to total 'in the moment' appreciation of every bite & flavour again :)

"coming out of the bush" to get my internet connection is exactly the way I see it for me in the future. I seriously look forward to that! Kudos to you for achieving it.

haha... this was such a confronting and provocative and IMPORTANT little natural medicine video!!! Yes - power of the mind!!! I LOVED the bits with you shrieking from the top of the mountain!!

Lots to digest with this - we are all so much stronger, able and healthy than we choose to believe.

Love it.

And I almost didn't take the camera ;)

Lots of hugz x

 last year  

What a beautiful film Sam. YOu really are a talented film maker, and know how to tell a story! What a stunning view from up the top there!!! I've always loved your message about BELIEF. Thanks for the reminder today. Now I feel like climbing a mountain!

I am a story teller. Yes. Very much enjoy words! Each one is like an arrow of energy shooting out of us and reflecting back.

Makes me think of last night, lying in bed with Esteban when he couldn't sleep. Normally he asks me to tell him a story, which is usually an adaptation of a film or even a bible story, always designed to get a simple & useful message across. But last night when he couldn't sleep he asked if he could tell me a story! Which was perfect. And he did it so well. About a farmer looking for a treasure buried under a magic tree. Anyway, it was a beautiful moment of realisation that the listener has become the story teller :)


 last year  

It's really interesting yoou should say that. I have always loved stories and writing, and felt I gave that love to my son. And now, here is is, a lover of words and stories and songs, writing. The child becomes the parent - what you seed, comes back. How much is nature and how much is nurture, who knows. But surely what we water children with, they take out into the world too.


There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Great video love the barefoot. I have feel inspired and turned a corner after the Covid knock back but unfortunately they have been chem trailing so it's bee raining for a week not pretty much non stop. But tomorrow I will try and get out need to recoup some energy and obviously not much sungazing to be going on here. Need to move to the sunny pastures , but alas I have my calling here I feel 💯🐒

It has been rain a ridiculous amount here too. Unprecedented quantity. Cold too some days. Which is absolutely not normal for July in the south of france!

Nothing unexpected. The geo-engineering is only speeding up the problems associated with the Grand Solar Minimum.

Anyway, happy days! Stay focused on those sunny pastures.

They may take our lives... but they will never take our FREEDOM ;)

Yes I was chatting to a colleague about geo engineering the other day. They were "they can't control the weather, you made". Look up the Vietnam war, China Olympics, Saudi as we can imagine her mind was blown. One step at a time and the monkey I waking all over.

Going to making it out finally today bracing the down pours, broken out the winter attire 💯🐒