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RE: Please do this Mudra today. It is full moon πŸŒ•

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Fall equinox it is! Am very grateful for friends like you who remind me of these moments. Am alone with the kids today and have some walnut, grape, fig & acorn missions ahead of us. It's going to be a very busy day! Hey, did you know acorns are a superfood? I sure didn't till I started learning about them yesterday. I understand oak trees grow on all continents and the tannin acts as a natural preservative, so they can last a decade before you leach them & eat them. Cool eh!

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Cool for sure. We have some oaks nearby. I've always liked how acorns look, with their little Scotch hats. A friend of mind researched them and told me they can be made edible. I hear they've been used as emergency/survival food at various times and places, by various people. But I didn't know they were super!

Yeah, seems silly to call them super. They are just food with nutrition, which back in the day, all food was!

This lady inspired the comment.