Don't Let The Coronavirus Take Over Your Mental Health 👊

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First of all, I would like to state the state of the pandemic process that is still ongoing in the world.

World Data

The number of cases in the world now is 42,089,023 and the person who died is 1,144,270 million. While some countries fell with the least number of cases, some countries lost thousands. Its economy broke down. We can say that it has reduced the level of welfare and has damaged both the material and spiritual health of the people.

Financial damages to society

There was a serious decline in the big financial companies and the stock exchanges they sold, which affected the economy. As the dollar increased too much, a raise came from clothing, food, automotive, real estate etc. People's purchasing power was damaged.

Many businesses downsized and drew workers. I'm talking about the private sector. And many examples of this have happened around me. I witnessed what kind of psychology those extracted people fought.


Spiritual damages

The residents of the rent evicted the landlord. They had trouble getting money to bring food to their home. However, all the problems were listed like a chain.
Suicide cases increased. We saw people killing their own lives because of not being able to take care of their children because of unemployment.😨

Countries with a good economy have not experienced these situations. Or it is minimally affected. But bad countries suffered double losses because they did not provide such support to their people.
In my opinion, the mentally ill society determines the fate of the state.


The moment when parents working in the health sector come together their children

People working in the health sector could not go home. There are those who still live far from their homes. They cannot see their children and wives. Can we guess their psychology? If I'm going to be my own family, my husband is the police. There was no risk of being fired because he worked in the state, but he came home in fear every day. I wonder if I have a virus, will I infect it? What if my children got sick, we lived in fear.

How do we improve our mental health

In this way, the most important role is undertaken by the human being. First of all, we must get rid of our doubts and fears. Because the more we doubt, the more we experience what we fear.

You can enjoy life by living in Uzungöl, Trabzon

We must not forget that everything that happens to us is a test in this world. Although we cannot change our destiny, I think we can give direction. So we must do the things we enjoy doing from these bad situations. We must keep negative thoughts at bay. My most important advice is oxygen, to meet nature. Because nature has an incredible effect on the human body.
Therefore, people who live in nature are more peaceful and positive.

Which plants are good for mental health?

The balm tea that I usually use for relaxation has a great calming effect.
You can buy a diffuser machine and calm down with Lavender oil.
Or when you smell the mint oil and massage your head, it provides an incredible effect.

I think we can protect our mental health this way. Of course, the primary healer of these is the feeling of love that the person nurtures. 💕

I'm new here and need your support @uplotus and @naturalmedicine Thanks for helping me write such a post😊

yours sincerely
me @svm038


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October 2020 is the World Mental Heath Month

Yes being in nature and breathing in clean air is so important for our mental health. I feel for those who do not have the opportunity to be out in nature because of the restrictions. Fear is the biggest threat to our health right now, that is for sure. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us xx

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I can guess the people who couldn't get out. Everything is in our own hands. I believe we will overcome it if we cleanse our minds of empty things. Thanks for reading.:)

 last year  

Cases of stress and anxiety have seriously increased. I see my dad worried without being able to sleep, my neighbors, people when they go out in the street full of panic. Simply a collective madness. My best advice for this is always to let them know that in order for any idea to come up they just have to breathe and calm their minds. Otherwise they will enter a vicious circle from which it is very difficult to get out.

I agree, bad thoughts put people in an impasse. And this is inevitable. That's why we must purify our thoughts.