How does self awareness support health? NaturalMedicine Challenge!

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Self awareness is a journey that we choose to undertake ,a never ending journey as we continue to discover new things about ourselves all of the time. It can take us to dark places, places that we have tried to bury or ignore. But in doing so, it helps to shed light on those experiences that we went through, those Hurt us the most. Self-awareness is a choice, a choice which enables us to take back control over our lives and our well-being.

It is taking the time to get to know ourselves, to recognize the many things that make us happy and also the many things that can trigger different emotions in us. Self-awareness calls on us to reconnect with ourselves and to reconnect with our environment, to reconnect with nature. To acknowledge the way in which the moon and life cycles influence us in, which the seasons influences us.

Self awareness brings more clarity and understanding into our lives, it brings balance as we acknowledge the masculine and feminine energies that reside within us all. Allowing us to tap into those energies when we need to.


The connection we have with nature, enables us to see the many gifts that nature provides, that can really enhance our lives. The many ways in which it can heal us, from the abundance of medicinal herbs that grow around us, to the healing properties of soil and many benefits of grounding ourselves as we walk barefoot upon the Earth.

As we strengthen our relationship with nature, we broaden our wisdom and our knowledge about the many ways in which we can self heal. All of this leads us on a very empowering path and it helps us move away from our dependency on the modern health system.

Being in touch with who you are and with the person you once were, enables you to move forward. It enables us to develop healthy relationships with ourselves, as we work towards self acceptance.

We need to become aware of our own needs and the ways in which they can be met. So often we can tend to ignore our bodies and the subtle messages that they send us. We become very complacent with our own well being, as we strive more towards succeeding in life, something we are led to believe should be one of our greatest goals.

But at what cost?


How many of us know what it feels like to have a healthy body, to really feel how powerful they are. How many of us, ignore our bodies desire for wholesome foods and instead choose what is convenient. How many of us just continue on the path that our parents carved out? For some that is a good thing, but for others it can led to unhealthy and toxic relationships with ourselves and the food we eat and the lifestyles we led.

AS I said already being self aware, is very empowering. It forces us to journey deep and face our daemons, which ultimately makes us stronger. Everything we go through, brings with it the opportunity to learn and grow. Being able to embrace those opportunities allows us to bring more balance into our lives.

To treat ourselves more holistically and recognize how our physical health, affects our mental and spiritual health and vice versa.

How can we even know what health is, unless we know who we are? Unless we take the time to sit with ourselves and explore our bodies, observe and listen to our bodies. How can we ever understand what it is to be healthy, if we do not know the true potential of who we are.

We spend so much time interacting with the external world, we seem to know more about certain celebrities that we do about ourselves, well okay not all of us are like that. But so much of our youth is spend in institutions that push us to seek for all of our answers externally, to focus more on what we can achieve, forcing us to become competitive and compromise our health.

Where are all the lessons on holistic self care, on the importance of intuition and self connection? Where are the lessons on nutrition, on all of the things that are self empowering.


Self awareness is a journey of remembrance!

Where we need to remember how our health is our greatest wealth in life and once we have that, we are unstoppable!

I know what foods my body needs, I know when I am stressed that I need to introduce certain superfoods and adaptogens. I know that if I feel overwhelmed, I need to walk, I need to move so that my thoughts can flow more easily. I know that when my body is tired that it is lacking in something, or is simply asking me to rest.

I also know that I can be very stubborn and push on through sometimes, even when my body is sending me signs. I do mostly listen, and in the end I do rest and I know not to give myself a hard time about that. Because that is just who I am and self acceptance is a huge part of self awareness and healing.

Balance and awareness is really the key and being aware of the need for balance in the many different areas of our lives, is what will help us to achieve greater health.

This is my entry into the NaturalMedicine Self Inquiry Challenge, where you can win an Astrological Reading.

I have created a Patreon account so if anyone wishes to support me, please do, I will be sharing poetry and words of empowerment.


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thank you @oldmans xxx

You are very welcome! 😀

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Muy interesante, me agrado tu post, te dejo mi voto y te sigo gracias.

 2 years ago  

gracias @comandoyeya xx

 2 years ago  

I love how you say it's a journey of rememberance. I'm thinking of my own response to the question, but it's very similiar to yours really - if we can remember our nature, through connecting to nature, we can heal. Without it, we continue to be sick. And if we educate our children to be in touch with this truth, then we have real potential to be nourished, and nourish the earth that nourishes us. xx

 2 years ago (edited) 

Yes remembering our connection is one of the most powerful healers, looking forward to your response xx

 2 years ago  

Here's to more self awareness and self acceptance! There is so much potential within each and every one of us!
May we be the best, healthiest and happiest version of ourselves! Living to our greatest potential and enjoying the journey along the way!

 2 years ago  

exactly @porters, I hope you are well my friend xx

Thank you dear @trucklife-family - this is a wonderful thoughtful article - I love reading into these beautiful challenges :-)

 2 years ago  

thanks so much @clareartista I am so happy you enjoyed it xx

This article is quite INFORMATIVE. Thank you for it. I am new in the community, but I definitely will follow up all your articles!

 2 years ago  

thank you @soroleen1, I am glad that you enjoyed it x