How to use corn to treat smallpox

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Last Sunday, November 6 to be exact, one of my children had smallpox, before I did not know that my son, Marsa, had smallpox. On Sunday morning, I only saw a few small pimples on his face area, I thought this was Kerumutan which is a type of skin disease such as smallpox that can cause itching and burning on the skin. I immediately gave him young coconut water so that Kerumutan appeared and did not cause fever, traditional Indonesian people believe that if Kerumutan does not appear it can cause fever in the stomach which can lead to death. In the afternoon, Marsa's whole body and especially his face was covered with smallpox, Marsa started to have a fever. On the first day when my son got smallpox, I imagined that his face would be disfigured because of the scars caused by smallpox. I just remembered at night to use corn so that there are no smallpox marks on his body, especially around his face.


Treatment with corn can be started on the first day when a person is diagnosed with smallpox. I started on the second day, because it was getting late and I couldn't find any corn near me. On the second day, I looked for corn plants and not just any corn. The corn used for the treatment of smallpox is corn that can be used for animal feed, not sweet corn.


The corn I need is corn that is not too old and corn that is not too young. I've been trying to find the corn, it seems today I'm out of luck, I only get old corn, but I'm still trying to treat Marsa. I was very worried that the smallpox virus would leave a lot of scars on his face.



The first day of treatment: I grate the corn I got, because it is old, this grated corn contains very little water and almost no water. I wipe it on the face, I scrub with the position of my hands rotating on his face.




Second Day of Treatment: Today I was lucky enough, my neighbor gave me the corn I was looking for, corn that wasn't too old and not too young.



I started grating the corn and found enough water. This corn porridge is very good for treating smallpox pain so it doesn't leave marks on the skin.



I started to smear Marsa's face and body with grated corn, the grated corn water wet her face and body, but don't throw away the grated corn water.



Third day of treatment. Because the corn that I use is fresh corn, so every time I start treatment, I use new corn.




After three days of treatment with corn, I am grateful, the smallpox virus that attacked my child did not leave marks on the skin. friends who are natural medicine lovers can use corn to treat smallpox so that the skin of sufferers is not scarred by smallpox.



Thank you friends for reading my post. I really hope that my friends who like natural medicine can learn to use herbal medicines that are around my friends and be able to post them on the hive community. I will also try my best to study alternative medicine.

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As someone in the U.S. this is absolutely amazing! Over here we have zero knowledge of natural cures like this. I would never have known corn could fix such a debilitating problem.

Thank you!

yes, I have studied various alternative treatments, in my country, Indonesia, there are many alternative treatments, even for cancer treatment, many still treat them with herbs. I am happy to join the hive community to learn more about natural medicine @zydane