Juicing recipe #2 Spicy sour beets

Here comes another tricky juice recipe. Have I told you I have been loving it, like a lot. It starts my day fresh and refreshing everyday. Hella healthy too!

After we have started juicing once a day, we have been trying different mix and match types of veggies and fruits. We found our favorite fruits/veggies for it: Beets, carrots and ginger!!! They are sweet and they give the juice a bit thicker compared to any other ones we have been using like cucumber, apple, and celery.

Pretty much any sweet and sour flavors added to these Beets, carrots and ginger would make a refreshingly delicious juice.

Tricky bit. After all the main 3 key veggies we love, I added a good amount of concentrate pomegranate juice to give the juice more sour and sweet flavors. Not as fresh as it could be but hey, it's just one of those days you wanna cheat a bit.

Sweetness from the roots, sourness from pomegranate juice and a hint of spicy from the ginger.

Taste hella good and this is not even my most favorite of all the juices we have been making. More juice recipe to come - Stay healthy, stay pretty :) #hehe







It is a good recipe, the beet has a lot of nutrients, you can try with some orange juice, it gives a very good touch of acidity

Cheers! Will do :)

Adding pomengranate juice is a great idea! I used to lvoe beetroot, ginger and orange the best - it was always my go to order!

Ooooh I will try that too!!! hehe

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