Charity, Giving Tuesday and the Season of Giving

As part of the invariable "naming of days" that seem to go with the holiday season in our day and age, tomorrow (the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving) is what is now being referred to as "Giving Tuesday."


Giving Tuesday is intended as the day where people — in the spirit of giving — make a point of donating to their favorite charitable organizations.

Here at White Light Express HQ we're certainly happy to support the underlying intention behind "Giving Tuesday," but at the same time let us not overlook or forget that the entire holiday season is traditionally regarded as the Season of Giving. So, in a sense, let us not allow this one day to diminish an entire season by treating generosity of spirit as a duty that can be crammed into a 24-hour period.


The Holidays can actually be the most difficult time of the year for many people. And not only for financial reasons. Many have lost loved ones or even pets during the year, and the holiday festivities tend to serve as reminders that those people are no longer there, to celebrate.

Similarly, sometimes the best thing we can do for people is not so much open our pocketbooks, as open our hearts and give of ourselves and our time!

Instead of going to "one more Holiday party," consider instead spending that time with someone you know who had a particularly difficult year, to let them know that someone cares and is thinking about them. If it's someone you know fairly well, bring them home baked cookies... or better yet arrange to bake cookies together!


Activities are great, because they offer a break from spending time alone where all you can do is think about what is no more.

One of the things we are doing here is going through our files and tracking down addresses... and sending actual hand written greeting cards to those who have supported the White Light Express over the years. It may sound a little old-fashioned, but in this day and age of "everything electronic," it can be a refreshing change to get something besides sale flyers and bills in your mailbox!

What can you do to make a difference in someone's life, this Holiday Season?

Thanks for stopping by, and Bright Blessings to all!

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