Bitshares Astro UI Development Spotlight! Updating existing limit orders! (Suez support)

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Welcome back to the Astro UI Dev update blog!

This blog aims to continue updating you with regards to the development of the Bitshares Astro UI; a DEX UI which aims to be the most performant BTS DEX UI possible!

So what's new in today's dev blog post?

Since the last Bitshares Astro UI development blog I've been working on quite a lot, namely:

  • Fully implementing the new "limit order update" page
  • Further bitsharesjs & bts-buntime suez contributions
  • Multiple improvements to the market UI
So let's dig into the above changes!
New limit order update page!


Since the recent Bitshares Suez core upgrade it's been possible to update limit orders directly!

Anyone who is still cancelling their operations in order to adjust a limit order's price, note that you're paying too much fees and could be updating your open limit order positions within a single block instead of 2.

Here's a quick demo of how the UI works:

As shown in the GIF above, the price, amount sold, total amount bought, expiration time and OSO settings can be optionally configured when updating an existing limit order.

On submit, the operation and the deeplink contents are generated for broadcast via the Bitshares BEET multiwallet!

Check out this new DEX shortcut

When navigating to the limit order update form page, we include the limit order id (1.7.x) in the URL parameters; this means that we can easily link to this page to edit a limit order from multiple pages with simply a hyperlink and an operation ID.

See for yourself!

Navigating from the Portfolio open orders page:

Navigating from the Market page:

How about performance?

There's not a reference web UI to compare stats against for updating an existing limit order, however we can still measure the performance for those interested!


There's room to improve for the 100% zoomed UI, probably to do with the balance cards CLS, but otherwise this is an excellent result!

With this page now complete, I'll be moving onto the following development tasks:

  • Global settlement fund bidding
  • Individual settlement fund bidding
  • Pool staking form
  • Credit offer creation form
  • Blocked user indication
  • i18n localization using nanostores i18n package

The development of the Bitshares DEX UI using Astro, React, ElysiaJS, ShadCN and BunJS continues to prove to be highly worthwhile!

Thanks for reading this far, I hope you enjoyed this development blog post!

Interested in checking out the code?

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