Bitshares Astro UI development worker proposal

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2024-2026 Bitshares Astro UI development worker proposal!

Here's an AI generated song to accompany this post, enjoy!

I've created a Bitshares worker proposal, and I'm hoping to gain your support on the Bitshares blockchain!

Worker proposal name: AstroJS UI development
Earliest activation date: 1st April 2024
Expiration: 1st April 2026
Pay rate: 100000 BTS/day
ID: 1.14.292

Bear in mind, this pay rate will only occur once the worker proposal has exceeded the current refund400k worker proposal.

Also note, that if you hold BTS and want to vote in support, you first need to create a "vote lock" ticket, where by you stake your BTS for a period of time in return for voting weight power (similar to staked hive power on here). So make sure you have an active vote lock ticket before voting in support of this worker proposal!

If you've not been following my Hive blog over the last few months, then check out some of the projects I've been working on:

With the Bitshares Beet & BeetApp BeetEOS multiwallets in a stable state, my programming efforts can return to the development of user interfaces for Bitshares based blockchains.

I'm looking to specifically focus on continuing development of the following repositories over the course of the worker proposal for up to the next 2 years full time.

If you check out the projects listed above you'll see the multiple successful project deliverables I've contributed towards over the last couple years, this isn't a case asking to create something half-baked from scratch but rather a case of continuing the development of multiple already heavily developed projects for the benefit of Bitshares based blockchains, except now you'll be supporting me individually as a developer by simply voting in support for this worker proposal!

AstroJS UI

The Astro.JS based Bitshares market user interface project has been making significant progress!

Its existing features include:

  • Quickly switching between blockchains and between different user accounts
  • Avatars representing users throughout the user interface
  • Cutting edge technologies, years ahead of the reference wallet tech.
  • All key/identity management is handled by the Beet/BeetEOS multiwallets securely, no need to worry about key handling when using Astro, even broadcast requests are handled securely via deeplinks, qr codes or local JSON files!
  • 📈 DEX limit orders - Trade on the Bitshares DEX
    • Create new limit orders, edit existing limit orders, view open and recently completed limit orders
    • Quick links to related pages & components to rapidly change the trading pair's assets
  • 💱 Pool exchange - Swap assets via a pool
    • Lists all pools and provides a modal to search for pools based on share asset and swappable assets
  • 🔒 Stake assets - Stake assets in liquidity pools
    • Supports all liquidity pools, both staking and withdrawing operations.
  • 💵 Create debt - Issue collateralized debt
    • Search based on borrowable assets, collateral assets and issuer.
  • 🏦 Borrow funds - Borrow from other users
    • Credit offer listings, accept offer to create deals, edit offers, close deal.
  • 🪙 Lend funds - Lend to other users
    • Create a new credit offer, edit existing credit offers, view existing credit offers settings.
  • ℹ️ Credit deals - Check your credit deals
    • Monitor the state of your credit deals, both as a borrower and as a lender.
  • 💸 Transfer assets - Send assets to other users
  • 🏅 Buy LTM - Buy a lifetime membership
  • 💰 Portfolio - View your portfolio
  • 🏆 Top markets - View most active markets

Here's the tasks I'm hoping to work on next:

  • Creating/closing vote lock tickets
  • Creating basic user issued assets, possibly NFTs.
  • Prediction market asset support
  • "Copy existing credit offer terms" shortcut to encourage credit offer creation.
  • Vesting balance claim functionality
  • Asset favourite system
  • Account contact list system
  • Gateway deposit/withdrawal
  • Additional locale support - have a preference? Eventually supporting all languages is the goal!
  • Support for alternative themes
  • Account whitelist support
  • Liquidity pool creator form/process
  • Spotlight Bartering page
  • Spotlight Direct debit page
  • Spotlight Hash time-lock contract page
  • Spotlight merchant protocol page
  • Spotlight instant trade page
  • Asset/Account hide functionality (ignore)
  • Committee blocklist account/asset/pool interaction warnings
  • Create a worker, create a witness, create a committee member.
  • Blockchain explorer live status overview page
  • Support for TOTP deeplink and QR code generation (currently limited to raw deeplinks and local JSON files only).
  • Figma designs for every page, enabling iterative UI design without changing any code.
  • Github release packaging dev ops (no more dist folder)
  • Cross browser testing and sub-optimal compute environment tolerance testing - optimizing to be a world class DEX UI!
  • Once all tasks are complete - begin cross-framework efforts, reimplementing all react code in Vue3 within Astro and switching between them within the settings.

Once the Bitshares 8.0 core update is out the following will also be in scope:

  • Voting using the new vote operations + view existing voting slate
  • Tanks and taps UI implementation

ElysiaJS API

This ElysiaJS Bun based REST API is used to both host the Astro UI's compiled static files, but also provides the endpoints for the Astro UI to query the blockchain and to generate deeplinks for use in both Beet and BeetEOS.

What is in scope for change?

  • New endpoints for additional operations introduced by new Astro UI functionality
  • Supporting the generation of TOTP deeplinks and QR codes for consumption by Beet & BeetEOS multiwallets.
  • Improving the ETL process for blockchain data - moving away from dumping local files, to maintaining a database/cache during runtime, avoiding stale data in compiled releases.
  • Automating the translation of locale strings to additional languages
  • Streaming endpoint for blockchain explorer data
  • Authentication steps prior to accepting REST API queries
  • Extended documentation and example containers for cloud deployment purposes
  • Further efforts to refactor the bts-buntime repo

In conclusion

I'm hopeful for the future of the Bitshares blockchain, we can utilize the latest web technologies to create cutting-edge technologies, all I ask of you is your support of my worker proposal (and maybe creating a vote lock ticket to count).

Given the last 2 years of proven Bitshares user interface deliverables you can rest assured that this worker proposal will yield significant project deliverables for the betterment of Bitshares! Here's to another 2 years of Bitshares development, with added funding!

If you don't have BTS vote weight, or would prefer to support me more directly, consider collecting one of the NFTEA NFTs on the Bitshares DEX!

Thanks for considering my worker proposal!


This is a must. Bitshares has always been lacking in the UI department. Help make it more functional/easier to use and the chain will see more users.

Thanks for your contribution to the STEMsocial community. Feel free to join us on discord to get to know the rest of us!

Please consider delegating to the @stemsocial account (85% of the curation rewards are returned).

You may also include @stemsocial as a beneficiary of the rewards of this post to get a stronger support. 

Thanks for your support :)