Bitshares AstroJS DEX UI Dev spotlight! Translating the application to 9 languages instantly!

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Welcome back to the Astro UI Dev update blog!

This blog aims to continue updating you with regards to the development of the Bitshares Astro UI; a DEX UI which aims to be the most performant BTS DEX UI possible!

So what's new in today's dev blog post?

Since the last blog post earlier in December, I've been working primarily on localizing the Astro UI web application!

I had originally planned on using nanostores/i18n for a lower sized i18n experience, however it prove to be a bit complex so I switched back to using react-i18next!

I've used react-i18next extensively on the other applications I've worked on, namely:

These tools, now including the Astro UI, all support the following locales:

Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Thai!

Further languages can easily be introduced, all you need to do is translate the JSON locale files from english to the new language, both for the application in question and the Bitshares BEET multiwallet!

Check it out in action!

As you can see above, a new dropdown menu has been added to the page header which allows you to switch between languages instantly in app!

The locale JSON file is downloaded from the Beet API when a new locale is selected. It's also cached to avoid unnecessary repeated JSON downloads from the API.

With this task now complete, I'll be moving onto the following development tasks:

  • Completing the pool staking form
  • Credit offer creation form
  • Blocked user indication
  • BEETEOS Development

Are there any tasks you're most interested in seeing developed next? Comment below!

The development of the Bitshares DEX UI using Astro, React, ElysiaJS, ShadCN and BunJS continues to prove to be highly worthwhile, don't you think? ;)

Thanks for reading this far, I hope you enjoyed this development blog post!

Interested in checking out the code?

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