Bitshares DEX Astro UI - Developer showcase! Liquidity Pool Staking/Unstaking form completed!

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Welcome back to the Astro UI Dev update blog!

This blog aims to continue updating you with regards to the development of the Bitshares Astro UI; a DEX UI which aims to be the most performant BTS DEX UI possible!

So what's new in today's dev blog post?

Today we'll be talking about the newly developed Liquidity Pool Staking & unstaking form that was recently completed!

So, you may remember the following card which was included within the liquidity pool exchange form:


It previously led you to a placeholder page (oops..), but now it directs you to a fully functional page (yay!):


Alright, cool overview, let's see some calculations in action!


So, as you can see from the above GIF, the user is able to easily stake and unstake assets in any Bitshares Liquidity Pool!

Upon submitting the form, the deep link dialog launches, offering multiple methods of broadcasting the transaction on the Bitshares blockchain!

So what're you waiting for? Get running the code for yourself!

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Nice to see Bitshares adding LP features. I have to reinstall my Bitshares account one of these days.

The liquidity pool feature has been around for maybe a couple years at this point on the Bitshares blockchain, this is just my own version of the user interface :)