New Release: Airdrop Tool (For Bitshares based blockchains)

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Presenting: The Bitshares Airdrop Tool!

A tool designed to assist airdropping tokens on multiple Bitshares based blockchains.

  • Fetches tickets from the blockchain
  • Creates blockchain tickets
  • Creates ticket leaderboards for analysis
  • Enables ticket & account analysis
  • Enables airdrop distribution calculation based on provably fair inputs

This tool integrates with the latest BEET wallet.

Further changes to the Bitshares BEET multiwallet are in the works to enable the final token airdropping step in the Airdrop Tool.


How about a gif preview?

Looking forwards to airdrops on Bitshares based blockchains?

What kind of airdrop would you like to perform?

Will you create a blockchain ticket to receive airdrops?

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