Update v1.7.0 has landed for the Bitshares NFT Issuance Tool! 🚀

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The Bitshares NFT issuance tool has received an update!

This software enables the creation and issuance of NFTs on Bitshares based blockchains!

Check out my previous post on the Bitshares NFT issuance tool

In the last couple months I've been working primarily on the Bitshares Airdrop Tool, this NFT tool update takes a lot of lessons learned from the airdrop tool's development process!

So check out the new Version 1.7.0 that's now available for download on windows, linux and mac os!

So what has changed?

New look!


New features!

  • New page: Upgrade account to life-time membership
  • New page: Configurable nodes in app
  • New page: Frequently asked questions
  • New app architecture: Use react-router-dom to create a multi-page-app

UX improvements!

  • Added back & home buttons throughout the steps of components
  • Added header title components to indicate which page you're on whilst selecting your environment, account, etc.
  • Added drop-down menus for navigation and language selection

MISC changes

  • Refactored zustand states
  • Updated packages
  • Resolve several console warnings

Download v1.7.0 (Windows, Linux & MacOS)

Thanks for reading this update!

What are your thoughts on these recent changes?

Any other feature requests you have for the Bitshares NFT issuance tool?

Are you planning to release an NFT collection on the Bitshares blockchain? Do tell!

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