Filipino Style Breakfast After Work Out

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I manage to work out above the floor area within the building.
Proudly sharing some Filipino Food idea that you may want to prepare for you and your family.

Fast and simple:

Ikan bilis or Dried fish.
Fried eggs
Garlic Friend Rice

Eating sufficient after work out is a great idea as your body needs to replace some energy.

Do you know that small silver or dried fish contains high calcium?

Eating dried fish is also a typical Malay culture.

Having scramble eggs for breakfast can be filing with more energy.

Imagine you have some left over rice in the fridge.
Do not throw it.
We filipino we never throw food away
Garlic rice more healthier carbs compare to rice is surely your body will be much happier.

And do not forget the chili past to go along with these meals.

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We call the dried fish "bulad" here and bolinao is the type of fish you cooked in your video. I've never heard of dried fish getting washed before cooking, we just straight up put them in the pan. I think washing them before cooking kinda rinses the salt away? Not sure lol. Also we cook it with more oil than you do but I think yours is still fine. Less oil is healthier. As long as it gets cooked then why not hahah.

I knew it is called bolinao😂 lami keeyu ba. I have allergy with dried fish so I wasn't sure was or not wash. Are you pinoy? I am here from Davao.

Oh! Abi nako foreigner ka hahah. Yup, I am here in Davao too :D