Mountain Kulago- Bukidnon in Mindanao Philippines

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My recent climb in the mountain before the lockdown. I join the trip to Mount Kulago in the city of Bukidnon. This is very South part of Mindanao.

This team was the first time going up to Mountain Kulago.
In the video, you will see the mountain path and some of my friends.
We cross the river that is the deep above my hips and up to my breast.
Not knowing what was on the river, we just trust the guide. It was pretty scary.
But as we walk on the path of the mountain. though it was steep, but it was fun.

Here are some pictures for you and if you see this video on @hive, you can see the images. IMG_5718.jpg
Mount Kulago look like a rice terraces that create that waves. This image here is a friend of mine who pose with Vietnamese hat.
In mountain we bring our won water and food. We make coffee in the morning as we enjoy the sun coming.

And the image below is a tent lighted with a christmas light. The moon is so real. This picture creates that beautiful background.
I miss to be with the nature.
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Nindota oi! Goals ko na ni.

Hala naa mo group sa davso nga bisaya? Kuyawa ninyo oi. Salamat sa pag chek naku😀

Taga Cebu ko pero naa na sila group ni @hiddenblade sa Davao. Naa sad sa Manila. Practically all over the Philippines pero gamay pa lang members. Check out Hive PH na community.

Omg ganda!!!! Murag lami muligid ligid dira hahaha. That place is one of my hike goals. Hopefully after this covid thing :<

hahaha. katawa ko ug ayo.. naay bisaya diri... dali mangligid ta

Kuyuga ko! 😂

Mag organise ta?
para mag dala ug hive banner dayon... what do you think? when pud kaya ni ma open ang trip

Mao sad na. If mag-organize mo kay willing ko mukuyog. Muanha ko Mindanao. Haha. If maopen na ang trip.

nindota jud bitaw o, pwede man mag tambling tambling dha ky murag nindot man ang sagbot.. but nindota jd sa view

Ano po pakiramdam ng umakuyat ng bundok, di pa Kasi ako nakakasubok kahit minsan.

Naa raman diay mga bisaya diri! hahaha nindota diha madam oy! @elvielins

Love the hike and the view is great. It has been a few years since I climbed so I miss having to sweat and eat dust and carry gear. Thanks for sharing. Nakaka inspire!