Weekly Grocery Haul

in Philippineslast year

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In this video I share the groceries I purchased for my family.

I live in the Philippines and we are currently locked down in Davao City so grocery trips are a big event since there isn't that much else that can be done outside of the house.

If you also live in the Philippines and want to see what is on someone else's shopping list, this is for you.

Here are the things I purchased:

  1. Modess Long: P69.50
  2. Chicken Joy: P390.00
  3. Garnier Facial Scrub: P164.75
  4. Philips Light Bulb: P119.00
  5. Joy Dishwashing Liquid P139.75
  6. Joy Baby P154.75
  7. Alpo Primelab P99.00
  8. Alpo Chop Rib Eye P117.75
  9. Alpo Chop Fillet P117.75
  10. Tide Bar P49.50
  11. Wilkins Distilled Water P81.00
  12. Brown Sugar P46.50
  13. Beaf Loaf P18.25
  14. Sprite P61.00
  15. Datu Puti Paksiw Pack P71.00

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