Planning for the Actifit-Sponsored Zumba Event in Davao City

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On January 22, 2024, the DBuzz Team consisting of Chris Rice (@chrisrice), Nathan Senn (@nathansenn), and PJ Entrepreneur (@pj-entrepreneur) Rafael (@rafaelvlog) attended a meetup with one of the most trusted crypto communities in Davao City, the Davao DeFi Community, to discuss the details of an event that will feature the move-to-earn dApp on Hive, Actifit.


The meetup and planning stage was held at a coffee shop in Davao City, Philippines. Key members of the Davao DeFi Community (@davaodeficom) attended the meetup, and two of the interesting parts of the meeting were the Web3 orientation and Actifit (@actifit) event planning and onboarding.

Our team left our place around 12:45 PM and traveled for around 15 minutes, arriving at the venue at least 30 minutes before the scheduled 1:30 meetup.

Arriving at the Venue

When we arrived at the venue, two members of the DDC, namely Churchill (@chillrender) and his wife, were already there, five minutes ahead of us. We waited for around 10 minutes. Emafe's close friend Pech (@mayche) arrived alongside Leo (@leojech), her husband. A few minutes later, Nathan Senn's car parked, almost simultaneously with the arrival of DDC founder Sir Ruben Lacumba(@rubzcomms and his wife).

After the arrival of Sir Ruben, all the core members of the DDC team were present, and we had some initial conversations first, ordering some coffee to prepare for the meetup. Each table has different stories regarding their crypto journey, and some non-crypto activities were also discussed.


Informal Meeting and Web3 Orientation

After we were settled down, we started our informal meeting with a Web3 orientation featuring Sir Ruben Lacumba sharing his insights about Web3 and the crypto industry with me, Emafe, Pechay, Leo, and Rafael, who considered ourselves as newbies in terms of crypto education.

We discussed some of the most exciting topics in managing our crypto assets. Although most of us were already onboarded with Hive through DBuzz, in terms of a general understanding of the crypto industry, we need more education on managing our assets and having some ideas and insights to avoid scams in the crypto industry.

Pechay, Leo, and Emafe shared their experience in terms of investment scams here in Davao City. Although they didn't invest, some of their friends invested and lost their hard-earned money. Sir Ruben clarified the difference between somebody who lures inexperienced individuals to invest in crypto and those communities or individuals who are interested in educating the masses about crypto adoption.

The discussion went well, and we were satisfied with the initial Web3 education we received from the co-founder of the Davao DeFi Community. I also shared some insights on how I used GCash, Binance, and in buying crypto and transferring my money from a custodial wallet to a non-custodial one for safekeeping.


Planning for the Actifit Zumba Event in Davao City

Aside from the group Web3 education session, one of the primary purposes of the meetup between the DBuzz team and DDC is the planning of the highly anticipated Move-to-Earn event featuring Actifit as one of the major sponsors alongside HIVE (@valueplan)to be organized by the Davao DeFi Community (DDC) and co-Presented by @dbuzz.

According to the initial information provided by the DDC team, they are expecting around 300 - 500 participants in the Zumba activity sponsored by Actifit, and the team needs more calculated planning for the activities to ensure the success of the very first dance event organized by DDC and DBuzz here in Davao City.


DBuzz founder Chris Rice and the rest of the DDC core team prepared everything, especially what an event needed, such as the venue, participants, food, water, internet connections, expenses, programs, and speakers.

We also discussed Actifit onboarding, navigating, and using the Actifit fitness app during the meeting. The DDC team was excited to use the health-focused move-to-earn app that rewards everyday activities. Hive users can use the Actifit Mobile App on Android or iPhone to earn crypto token rewards through auto-tracking activities.

Most members from the DDC team were already onboarded to Hive using DBuzz, so the onboarding process was simple because they could use the same account for DBuzz and Actifit. Some members of the DDC were health- and fitness-oriented individuals and members of "Kaboogeras," a local Zumba dance group in Davao City, who were interested in the move-to-earn movement.

Interview of @actifit Founder by @startuppodcastph.

What to Expect in the Actifit-Sponsored Zumba Event?

Participating in Zumba dance events here in the Philippines is now one of the most sought-after activities, especially among health-conscious individuals, because it can be an exhilarating and fun experience. Dancers will showcase their high energy and enthusiasm because of the Zumba event's lively and energetic atmosphere.

Zumba participants were already familiar with the variety of dance styles and dance routines. With the leadership of the well-known Zumba group in Davao City, this Actifit-sponsored event will bring more crowds as more groups will be interested in participating.

Filipinos love to sing and dance, and participating in Zumba activities could be their entry into being active and healthy. For this purpose, Actifit's involvement in the Zumba event will bring more people to the Hive community because this event will not be only about the Zumba competition. The organizers prepared some lectures and Web3 education about cryptocurrency and how the Hive blockchain works. Aside from that, an onboarding session for all the Zumba participants will be conducted before the contest proper.

As members of the organizing team, we expect to onboard more people to Hive by introducing Actifit's move-to-earn dApp. We also put some measures on how to follow up with those participants so they can be educated about Web3 and the Hive blockchain. With proper preparation and participation of the Zumba community and the able support of the Hive stakeholders, we are positive that we could achieve something valuable for the entire ecosystem.


Another Successful Day for Hive, DBuzz, Actifit, and DDC

The scheduled meetup, Web3 orientation, and Actifit Event planning were huge successes for Hive and the DDC team. We are thankful for the core members of DDC who participated in the brainstorming for the Actifit event and our DBuzz newbies who were interested in learning more about cryptocurrency through the community initiated by the DBuzz team here in Davao City.

All those who attended the meeting were satisfied with the outcome and anticipated positive results on the big event scheduled for March 2024. Our DBuzz Media team member Rafael was also grateful after meeting the photo and video team of the DDC Team headed by Ralph Casquejo (@iamwhitefish) as they plan for future collaborations regarding photo and video coverage and possible business partnerships.

The DDC and DBuzz teams in Davao City look forward to another productive collaboration to promote Hive in the Philippines. This time, we will focus on providing value to our fellow Hive dApps Actifit to be recognized as one of the country's most promising and widely-used Move-to-Earn dApp, starting with the Zumba community in Davao City.

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Excellent work congratulations great team 👍🏻

Thank you for the support, we're doing this for the benefits of the entire Hive ecosystem here in the Philippines, starting in Davao City and expanding it to different cities around Mindanao and Visayas.

That pleases me so many will be able to know how wonderful #Hive is.

Yes we will do our best to promote Hive.

👍 👍 👍 👍 👍

Thank you for being so supportive. There's a lot in store for us in the Hive community.

What a wonderful experience you had

Thank you for all the support.

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Thank you @davaodeficom @nathansenn @pjentrepreneur @emafe @mayche @rafaelvlog and everyone else, let's make 2024 a strong year.

Thanks to all the people who are involved in this project. We are looking forward to getting more volunteers for the community. We will start here in Davao City and replicate our success to different towns and cities here in Mindanao.

Wow, I wish we have that kind of experience, here as well.

I appreciate your interest; hopefully, you will also have this kind of experience with a community. I am so grateful to be part of DBuzz and to know the Davao DeFi community. They're a group of volunteers who want to impart their experience in Web3 to a broader audience.

Which country do you live in?

Right now I am in South Carolina, US. But I am a filipino. 😇

Good to see you, bro, here on DBuzz. We're based in Davao, but originally, I'm from Cebu.

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Ah okay, have you heard of

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