Levitating Cherry - My First Lensy NFT Photograph

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I've been thinking about joining Lensy for a while now and finally I got around to do that. And finally got accepted there too, it took some time but all done now. NFT Showrooms sister site is a quiet place but I'm hoping it hasn't died yet but is just dormant and will some day wake up again. Perhaps with my help. Although my help might not be enough but I think it's still worth trying.

I also added another virtual exhibition to Artsteps, Photographicallight. One that has and will have only photographs in it. This time I didn't choose a ready made template but built my own walls and I have to say that I was a bit disappointed. You can only add walls, doorways and exhibition stands but no stairs, roofs or adjust the size of the walls or even tilt them. You can decide the material and the color of the walls and the floor but as I want everything to be more about the art on the walls and not about the wild wall colors or textures, it left me just craving more space. More levels. More floors. And of course stairs because there's no flying option in the exhibition for the viewer.


There are still empty walls, but not for long as I also like the size of the photos rather be bigger than smaller. And also the option to look at them from further away. So the walls can't be too close.


And yeah, a third exhibition also!

Ready and published.

FavArt exhibition contains art from my favourite artists from NFT Showroom. Artists that I had enough Hive to buy art from, so many are of course missing because their art is out of my price range. And also, as I've mentioned in my previous post about Artsteps, they do not support gif images so I left out all the animations, gif and mp4. I can always make another exhibition for animations, as soon as I find a place that does support also gif.

For FavArt, I chose a simple gray template space. Although there is still empty wall and a chance to move the art on the walls so that the individual pieces are not too close, I still think the template room is quite small. Perhaps 5 to 10 pieces more and that's it. I don't want the exhibition be too stuffed.


Here's the link to all my virtual exhibitions.

Presented artists:

Feel free to visit them in https://nftshowroom.com.


Another project I need to research haha. Crypto moves so fast!

You should join Lensy. Like right now. :) No better moment than now.

another market? Now I really feel like I belong in stone age...

Nice work.


You aren't in any of the markets yet? You should join immediately. :)

I am in 1. I tried different prices, 1 or more editions... but so far I had very little luck selling my work.

Selling is so hard sometimes! I feel that there's always the wrong price, the wrong amount, the wrong everything. Perhaps it's more about getting people to know you and that really takes time and is hard. Especially for introverts like me who would just prefer fiddling with their art.

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