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A Stigma

The negative stigma against Indian food is a bad thing for some people. Seeing several videos on social media will definitely make you nauseous and that is detrimental for many parties. Whenever I post some Indian food, they always annoy me, asking if the food is hygienic and clean. I'm always annoyed, Indian food which is very delicious has become a nightmare for some people.

Every time I visit the neighboring country, Malaysia, I always make time to enjoy Indian food as much as possible. As a consideration, Indian food in Malaysia is much tastier and cheaper than in Indonesia. That's why, I never miss it even though I'm just transiting there. From 2018, Indian food in Kuala Lumpur has become a satisfying culinary destination.

One Stop For Pani Puri


Even if you choose with your eyes closed, you will get delicious Indian food wherever you are in Kuala Lumpur. For example, there are 2 restaurants that I visited while stopping in Kuala Lumpur, even though it was only for one day. Arriving in Kuala Lumpur, from KLIA2 and I headed to Alor Street which is famous for its night street food.

I bought 1 plate of pani puri with a thick sauce, slightly spicy and full of spices. Pani puri is a type of Indian food that is hard to find in my town. This was the first time I ate pani puri that I always saw on social media. It turns out that this food is really delicious, tasty and crunchy.


Pani puri are like balls filled with some vegetables, the balls seem to be like crispy crackers. Then sprinkle with grated egg and add spicy sauce with a slightly sour taste. When chewing pani puri, there is a 'kress' sensation like you are chewing rice cakes and there are vegetables from mesh potatoes and the like. It's a wrap! It really makes me addicted. I didn't have time to take photos of this restaurant because at that time I was hungry, so I only took a few photos as a souvenir.

Meal Set For Breakfast, A Restaurant Near Batu Caves

Next, in the morning, shortly after leaving Batu Caves, right next to the gate of Batu Caves, I found a very large, very clean looking Indian restaurant called, 'Oh Yeah Banana Leaf Restaurant' I don't know the name sounds like I'm going to eat bananas leaf, but rest assured that this restaurant will make you love Indian food more than anything else.



I ordered a meal set for breakfast for me and my husband. I forget what kind of food, but it's similar to parata or Indian bread. Its so good! Lots of kind words every time I chew and taste every bite of my food. Two different menus, because I want to try several variants which I will share with my husband. so half a portion for each of us to try.



Well, the meal set that I ordered is similar to murtabak with mesh potato filling. It looks like the skin is similar to 'apem' dough made from rice flour, with a dominant savory and sin flavor that blends together. With the mesh potato spread inside and then folded into a very large triangle shape, the food even looked offside of my plate.




There are 4 separate types of sauce, so I'm just going to dip into each one. In my opinion, the taste is best suited to the orange sauce, it seems like a curry sauce that has a more striking aroma and taste. But the other 3 sauces are very good, depending on which flavor you like. I finished all the sauce, lol.

Lastly, my husband's meal set is very tempting. Murtabak which is filled with onions. Slightly chocolatey and not too oily, this meal set is also our favorite. There is a slight scramble egg taste in the filling, it's not crunchy but the texture is very different from my food. Usually murtabak has a crunchy texture, the difference is that this is not like that.



Given 3 dips of sauce that were similar to mine, but the difference was, there was a sauce that was very similar to the pani puri sauce that I ate last night. It turns out the taste is almost the same, a little spicy and sour.

Last but not least, chai tea and a bottle of mint water



If you visit Batu Caves, come to this restaurant occasionally. right next to Batu Caves and you will see this restaurant very clearly, because the restaurant is quite large and provides many menus for breakfast.

See you the next time hive friends!

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I'm little surprised that you interested bout Indian food, and by the way, the restaurant have the beautful view.

I really loved the Indian food, ofc its so rich of flavour! Naan is my fav :D

Everything looked so delicious!! I've eaten Indian food before because my mom studied it in a course but I have never went to a Indian restaurant and I'm not sure if there's any here in Venezuela. I really hope to some day go there and eat that food 🤤

Even though there are lots of Indian restaurants in Indonesia, I prefer the taste of the ones in Malaysia, I don't know why, it's really full of spices. maybe?

You are right Indian food is very tasty and delicious.You can also make it like this. 🫶

of course babe 😍

Oh yeah banana Lear restaurant seems an amazing place and the food look yummy, I'm sorry to hear that you find on the internet some videos again Indian food honestly I'm lucky on my IG and tik to I always find only beautiful and nice Indian recipes❤️ your photos looks really good too, I share your post 👍

I think Indian food might seem difficult, but I'd rather buy it than make it. For some reason, it tastes very different when I make it even though it's from someone else's recipe. People say, different hands have different tastes :D

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You're not looking like an Indian but still you love Indian food. I guess you enjoyed while eating Pani Puri ❤️

100% Asian, but i really loved the Indian food cause so really tempting and rich of flavour 😆

Have you tried Pakistani food yet?

Yash! its most my favorite, mint leaves soaked water so nice and refreshing :D