(JHALMURI) street food of Bangladesh

Hello Guys,
"Jhalmuri" is a popular street food of Bangladesh. You can find it easily in every street of Bangladesh. "Jhalmuri" name Comes from Puffed rice and hot green chili.

Today me and my friends eat "Jhalmuri" 😋. Some clicks are given below.




Thanks for reading.


Oh that looks GOOD!! We have something similar here in Thailand only it's sweet. I think I prefer your SPICY 🌶 version!!

Hope you're starting to find your feet on Hive - commenting on others' posts is a great way to get yourself known - well done. Are you on twitter too? Sharing your content there is always a plus.

Thanks a lot sir. Please keep supporting me .

Thanks sir for sharing my post on twitter. Please keep supporting me <3

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